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The Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth 2 (Xbox 360)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Defend Rivendell (5 points): Complete Good Rivendell with all bonus objectives (level 1). Also unlocks the hero Hadhod.
Clear The High Pass (5 points): Complete Good High Pass with all bonus objectives (level 2).
Cleanse The Ettenmoors (10 points): Complete Good Ettenmoors with all bonus objectives (level 3).
Reclaim The Blue Mountains (10 points): Complete Good Blue Mountains with all bonus objectives (level 4). Also unlocks the hero Maur.
Secure The Grey Havens (10 points): Complete Good Grey Havens with all bonus objectives (level 5).
Rescue Celduin (15 points): Complete Good Celduin with all bonus objectives (level 6).
Defend Erebor (10 points): Complete Good Erebor with all bonus objectives (level 7).
Assault Dol Guldur (30 points): Complete Good Dol Guldur with all bonus objectives (level 8). Also unlocks the hero Idrial.
Destroy Lothlorien (5 points): Complete Evil Lorien with all bonus objectives (level 1). Also unlocks the hero Krashnak.
Demolish The Grey Havens (5 points): Complete Evil Grey Havens with all bonus objectives (level 2).
Scour The Shire (10 points): Complete Evil Shire with all bonus objectives (level 3).
Ravage Fornost (10 points): Complete Evil Fornost with all bonus objectives (level 4). Also unlocks the hero Thrugg.
Commandeer The Old Forest Road (10 points): Complete Evil Mirkwood with all bonus objectives (level 5).
The Dragons Of Withered Heath (15 points): Complete Evil Withered Heath with all bonus objectives (level 6).
Pillage Erebor (20 points): Complete Evil Erebor with all bonus objectives (level 7).
Crush Rivendell (30 points): Complete Evil Rivendell with all bonus objectives (level 8). Also unlocks the hero Olog.
Istari Power (5 points): Purchase first player power.
Captains Of The West (25 points): Complete Good Campaign. Also unlocks the hero Berethor.
Cover The Lands In Darkness (25 points): Complete Evil Campaign. Also unlocks the Hero Tumna.
Servant Of The Secret Fire (80 points): Complete Good Campaign without a Hero dying. Also unlocks the hero Mektar.
Servant Of The Shadow (80 points): Complete Evil Campaign without a Hero dying. Also unlocks the hero Urulooke.
Sergeant (15 points): Win 1 Versus game.
King Of The Hill! (15 points): Win 1 King of the Hill game.
Capture And Hold (15 points): Win 1 Capture and Hold game.
Middle-Earth Financier (15 points): Win 1 Resource Race game.
My Heroes!!!! (15 points): Win 1 Hero Vs Hero game.
General: Win 10 Versus games. Also unlocks the Hero Ohta.
King Of Kings (30 points): Win 10 King of the Hill games. also unlocks the hero Fhaleen.
Capture Them All!!! (30 points): Win 10 Capture and Hold games. Also unlocks the hero Avatan.
Entrepreneur Of Middle-Earth (30 points): Win 10 Resource Race games. Also unlocks the hero Celebrim.
My Heroes Are Better Than Yours (30 points): Win 10 Hero Vs Hero games. Also unlocks the hero Felek.
Good Practice (5 points): Win 1 Single Player Skirmish game.
The Hobbit And The Troll (50 points): Win a game against someone 20 places higher than you.
In Need Of A Lesson (0 points): Lose 10 Multiplayer matches in a row.
Try A Tutorial (0 points): Lose to someone ranked 20 places below you.


Ring Heroes

Every map in skirmish or multi-player mode has Gollum cloaked on it. When you find Gollum, kill him and you will get the ring. Take it back to your fortress and have the troop that is carrying the ring enter the fortress in order to recruit a Ring Hero for 9,000 resources. Your Ring Hero uses no command points. Men, Elves and Dwarves can recruit Galadriel. Mordor, Isengard, and Goblins can recruit Sauron. The easiest way to get the ring is to let an enemy find Gollum then kill them after they obtain the ring. The only way to stop them before they reach their base is to chase them down with a mounted unit, have a created hero teleport into their path, or to summon allies into their path using a power.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding hero.

Avatan: Win 10 Capture And Hold games.
Brerthor: Complete the Good campaign.
Celebrim: Win 10 Resource Race games
Felek: Win 10 hero vs. Hero games
Fhaleen: Win 10 King Of The Hill games
Hadhood: Complete the first level of the Good campaign with all bonus objectives.
Idrial: Complete level 8 of the Good campaign with all bonus objectives.
Krashnack: Complete level 1 of Evil campaign with all bonus objectives.
Maur: Complete level 4 of the Good campaign with all bonus objectives.
Mektar: Complete the good Campaign with no heroes dying.
Ohta: Win 10 Versus games.
Olog: Complete level 8 of the Evil campaign with all bonus objectives.
Thrugg: Complete level 4 of the Evil campaign with all bonus objectives.
Tumna: Complete the Evil campaign.
Urulooke: Complete the Evil campaign with no heroes dying.


Walkthrough (PC)


Defeating large groups of enemies

  • Have a lot of defensive structures in your base and teleport the opponents to your base. The towers should kill the enemies before they can do much damage. The Convert spell will also work, because they are free men.
  • Use the following trick to kill armies (including brutal) easily. This strategy works best with the elves. First, get as many Mirkwoods as possible. Have them guard your fortress and make sure they get Silverthorn Arrows. Then, get Glorfindel and Arwen and three to five groups of horses. Upgrade them fully and then send them around the back of the enemy base. Have them attack. This will work almost every time. Make sure that Glorfindel and Arwen are on their horses. It also helps to have Rally Call and Heal.
  • Use the following tactic on the Minis Tirith, Minis Morgul, Helm's Deep, or Isengard maps. Build your army and close the gate. Place three battalions of Archers on the walls of both sides of the gate. When the enemy starts attacking, kill them. You can open and close your gate rapidly from time to time to taunt them. When you open the gate they will try to enter but your archers should take care of them.

Easy experience

Use the following trick to level your race up in Skirmish mode quickly. Create a hero that can learn the Recruit Battlions power. Set up a game against an easy AI with a handicap of -95%. As soon as the game starts, create your hero and rush into the enemy's. Use the power to summon a battalion and the skirmish will be over in two minutes.

Grey Havens

Start at the bottom-most part. Build as many resource collectors as possible. Then, capture the Shipright. Get Builders to build Wall Hubs where the Cave Trolls lair is found (kill it first). Build a wall. Then, build units and an upgrade structure. Get your units upgraded as much as possible. Put some by the wall to defend it. Send the rest to the Shipright. Build the number of transports needed. Put the units by the Shipright onto the transports. Send the transports to the enemy camp. Optionally, split your units up and surround the camp. Destroy all the structures except for the fortress. Finally, destroy the fortress.
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The Shire

The third level of the Evil campaign is a mission where you must capture the Shire. This mission is very easy up to a point. Play the mission until you must build a base in the Eastfarthing. Build a base with two of each building (including Fortresses). Also, build at least ten Sentry Towers. Upgrade your Fortress to the maximum and build all your Fortress expansions as Mountain Giants. Stay in your base and repel all Dunedain attacks until you have killed all them all. You will be notified when all Dunedain have perished. When you reach the part where you must destroy the three remaining Seats of Power, only send one Goblin horde to destroy them, as there is literally no resistance with the Dunedain defeated. Do not destroy the Seat of Power in the bottom-left corner of the mini-map. At this point, build a large army with at least 750 command points available. Buy all available upgrades for your Goblins. Send all your units to the large, grassy field at the bottom-left corner of the mini-map, just south of the last remaining Seat of Power. Destroy the last remaining Seat of Power with as little units as possible, then retreat a short distance to the north. You must do this because a volley of arrows will kill many goblins if you remain in that grassy field. After a few seconds, quickly return to the grassy field and a large army from Isengard will emerge, led by Grima Wormtoungue. Fight this army until only two Goblin hordes remain in your forces. Send these troops to your base, and build as many Goblin hordes as quickly as possible. In a very short time the army will attack your base. Do not try to defend any other buildings besides one Goblin cave and your Fortress. Uruk-Hai will lay waste to your forces in a short time, but your fully upgraded fortress should hold them back while you construct more Goblin hordes. After awhile of relentless Uruk-Hai attacks, the flow of enemies should stop. At this time, re-build your base and construct a large army. Lead this army into the Isengard base and kill Grima. This part of the level is very difficult, as the Ballista will quickly destroy your units. Destroying the Ballista first is recommended.

Postern Gates

When building a wall around your base in Skirmish mode, never put in gates. Always put in Postern Gates. A Postern Gate is a small door in a wall that allows allies to pass through, but not enemies. It is invisible to the enemy, making passing through a wall virtually undetectable, and allies can pass through a Postern Gates as fast as they would pass through a regular gate.

General strategies

Do not just rush your opponent's territory. Either send in a camo capable unit or a very cheap, weak unit such as Orc Warriers. Scope out your opponent's base before attacking with stronger units

When attacking, use melee soldiers so attack buildings and use Bowmen and Cavalry on enemy units.

Unlimited Giant Eagles

Use the following trick to get an unlimited amount of Giant Eagles for the elves. First, acquire a large amount of resources, because you will have to construct several fortresses and their upgrades. After a proper amount of resources have been gained, build as many fortresses as you see fit. Purchase the Encasing Vines upgrade to unlock the Eagles Nest upgrade. Purchase the Eagles Nest upgrade, and then once it is complete, summon your eagles. After the eagles are summoned, destroy the fortresses. Notice that the eagles created with the previous fortresses will remain. You can repeat this cycle as many times as necessary to create your own army of Giant Eagles, which take up no command points. This can be a lengthy process; it is best you have one or two fortresses be kept permanently and well defended in case something happens to the others.


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