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The Urbz: Sims In The City (DS)

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Cheat Codes

Alternate introduction sound

Hold Down + Y at the title screen to record from the microphone. To hear what you recorded, press Down + X at the title screen. The captured sounds will be heard during the introduction sequence. To preview it slower, press Down/Left + X at the title screen. To preview it faster, press Down/Right + X at the title screen.






Strange movie color

When you are in the room that has the movie screen, talk to anyone. Exit the talk screen. The movie screen will be in a strange color, but the footage is the same.

Walk on water

After finishing mission 5, see Daddy Bigbucks on the island where you found the Dancing Nutria. If he is there, go back home. If you return and he is not there, try to run off the little island and go into the water. Sometimes, you can run on the water. You are free to roam to different screens of water. You just cannot run on land, except to your boat. If you run to Paradise Island you will find Daddy Bigbucks there.

Indoor motorcycle riding

During the "No Running Law", get off your motorcycle. Run around a short time, then jump on your motorcycle quickly. You will see Dan D. Detective Mann. He will say "Busted! Walk, don't run!" Note: This may require a few attempts. You can ride your motorcycle in the jailhouse or on the roof. Also, if you have the secret hole in the wall (behind the poster of girl), you can ride through the tunnel and to the Bayou.

Mokey's name

If you have already turned Mokey into Mauricio Keys, this will work. First, go to the Splicer Island lab where you make your pet. Talk to Dr. Keys. Get his relationship to 75, and he will give you some beads. When you exit the chat-screen, it should say "Mokey gave you some beads!" instead of "Dr. Mauricio Keys gave you some beads."

Cup game

At the carnival, play the cup game. Follow the cup perfectly. If you choose it, the ball is under another one.

Freeze game

  • Once you end up on the bayou, find the dark tree. After talking to Lloyd the lizard, immediately press A as he vanishes to talk to him again. A screen that looks like the normal talk screen, but without a person at a top, options, or a return button, appears. The music will continue for a few seconds then skip repeatedly. You must turn off the DS to continue playing.
  • Once you have completed the game and have a pet from Splicer Isle, go up to your time machine on top of King Tower with your pet. Try to enter the time machine with your pet. The game will freeze because the time machine only fits one person. Note: Save the game before attempting this.
  • At the end of the game (mission S), you are an animal. When you go to the carnival to get to Winky, get around him and you can find Pepper Pete. If you talk to him the game will freeze.
  • Note: You must have your hoverboard in your pockets to do this. On Mission S, after the pet show you will go to the lab and turn into your pet. Go outside and press R. You will hear the hoverboard sound but will tranform into a random pet, but be covered in electricity. Quickly, press random directions on the D-pad and you will transform into another animal. You cannot move, therefore you must turn off the DS to exit.


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Code Breaker codes from CodeTwink. Code Breaker device required.