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Tilt To Live

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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1337 H4X0RZ x1337: Score a x1337 Combo.
AFK: Stay perfectly still for as long as possible.
Another Friday Night Alone: Score 5,000,000 points in Classic/Code Red.
Arbitrary Combo: Score a x213 Combo.
Arms Race: 1st Place: Trigger 50 nukes on one game.
Arms Race: 2nd Place: Trigger 30 nukes in one game.
Better Than That Guy: Survive three minutes in Gauntlet without losing a life.
C-C-C-Combo Maker! x40: Build up a x40 multiplier in Frostbite.
Cold War(rior): Score 50,000 points without triggering a single nuke.
Colder War(rior): Score 100,000 points without triggering a single nuke.
Combo Mambo x500: Score a x500 Combo.
Conscientious Objector: Don't attack for 50 seconds.
Coward!: Find the coward's path in Gauntlet.
Danger Is Also My First Name: Spend 5 minutes total in Gauntlet with your life bar in the red.
Danger Is My Middle Name: Restore your life bar from red to green in Gauntlet.
Dawn of the Red: Die with 100+ enemies onscreen.
Dot Popper: Score 250,000 points in Frostbite.
Ghenghis Khan-bo x700: Score a x700 Combo.
God of Tilt: Score 1,000,000 points.
Happy Combo-Centennial X100: Score a x100 Combo.
Highest Combo: Score a x5 Combo.
In Cold Blood: Shatter 200 frozen enemies in a single game.
Masochist: Die 50 times total.
Millenni-ambo: Score a x1000 Combo.
Minute Man: Survive one minute in Gauntlet without losing a life.
Multiplier Multiplier x20: Build up a x20 multiplier in Frostbite.
Nobel Peace Prize: Don't attack for a minute and 15 seconds.
Omnipotent Gangster: Score 200,000 using on the 3 original weapons.
Original Gangster: Score 100,000 using only the 3 original weapons.
Our Pity: Die within 5 seconds.
Overachiever: Collect 25 sonsecutive time pickups.
Quit Blowing Bubbles: Hang on to your bubble shield for 60 seconds.
Serpentine!: Survive 4 minutes in Classic/Code Red.
Sleep With the Fishies: Spend 15 seconds underwaer in Frostbite.
That's Gonna Bite: Earn 20 points.
That's Gonna Burn: Earn 240 points.
That's Gonna Help: Earn 40 points.
That's Gonna Hurt: Earn 90 points.
That's Gonna Sting: Earn 120 points.
That's Gonna Suck: Earn 70 points.
The Gauntleteer: Survive ten minutes in Gauntlet.
The Human Pinball: Bounce between the left and right walls 10 times in Code Red.
The Iceman Pwneth: Score 500,000 points in Frostbite.
The Meaning of Life: Score a x42 Combo.
The Superhuman: Bounce between the left anf right walls 20 times in Code Red.
Tonight We Dine In Heck: Score a x300 Combo.
Warm Reception: Plow through 50 dots with the burnicade's boost.
We Lied X20: Score a x20 Combo.
Weary Traveler: Travel 240,000 pixels.
Weeeeeee!: Trigger 6 power-ups in 6 seconds.
You Shall Not Pass!: Don't let any dots reach the water for 2 minutes in Frostbite.

Bonus weapons

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon.

Bubble Shield: Attain the "That's Gonna Help" title.
Electricity: Attain the "That's Gonna Sting" title.
Fire Burnicade: Attain the "That's Gonna Burn" title.
Ice Blast: Attain the "That's Gonna Bite" title.
Spike Shield: Attain the "That's Gonna Hurt" title.
Vortex: Attain the "That's Gonna Suck" title.