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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Toggle third person view behindview <0 or 1>
Level select unlock all
Flight mode ghost
Disable flight mode walk
Full ammunition fullammo
Slow and bloody death effects nightmare
Big head enemies bighead
Record demo of current game demorec <filename>
Stops demo recording stopdemo
Play indicated demo demoplay <filename>
Invincibility for player god
Invincibility for team godteam
Invincibility for terrorists godterro
Invincibility for hostages godhostage 1
Invincibility for hostages disabled godhostage 2
Activates all the god modes godall
Mission objectives are updated; game never ends toggleunlimitedpractice
Walk through other actors togglecollision
View threat information togglethreatinfo
Neutralize all terrorists neutralizeterro
Disarm all bombs disarmbombs
Deactivate IO devices (phones, laptop, etc.) deactivateiodevice
Rescue all hostages rescutehostage
Disable morality rules disablemorality
Call all terrorists to your location callterro
Toggle player detection by terrorists playerinvisible
All terrorists surrender on sight tsurrender
Terrorists shoot wildly when they see you tsprayfire
All terrorists aim and fire at you taimedfire
All terrorists run away from you trunaway
All terrorists return to original no threat state tnothreat
See where all terrorists have spawned on map rendspot
Toggle hostage threat information togglehostagethreat
Set the hostage position;
0 for standing, 1 for kneeling, 2 for prone, 3 for fetal, 4 for crouched, 5 for random
sethpos <0-5>
Reset hostages threat resetthreat
Play next hostage animation hna
Play previous hostage animation hpa
Play animation of hostage (0 for no loop, 1 for looping) hp <0 or 1>
Show field of view of all actors showfov
Show weapon direction of all actors gundirection
Show where terrorists and hostages have moved on map route
Show all routes that terrorists and hostages take routeall
Kill and remove all NPCs killthemall
Kill and remove all terrorists killterro
Kill and remove all hostages killhostage
Kill all Rainbow operatives killrainbow
Kill and remove opponents killpawns
Game modes sgi
Rainbow Six version multi-player mode rainbowskill
All enemies will attack (music) pago
Reticules will be perfect for current weapon perfectaim
Resets all cheats resetmeall
Quit game quit
Unknown getmode
Unknown rotateme
Unknown listzone

Please submit more details about the unknown information.
, , and

Level select

Enable the unlock all code at the mission selection screen. Click on another mode (for example, "Practice", "Terrorist Hunt", etc.) for the unlocked levels to begin appearing.




Clearing rooms

To clear out a room, stand besides the door, as one of your teammates would have if you told him to clear out a room. Make sure that your clip is full and the action icon does not have the brackets around it, so your teammates will not open it for you and take fire. Finally, make sure that all of your teammates are stacked up properly:

(for double doors)   _____       (for single doors) ___
               *     *  *                          *  *
                     *                             *  *

Then, rush the room with thermal/night vision (your choice) on and scan left to right for enemies. Then, strafe to the left of the door to let your teammates in. Next, walk around the perimeter of the room and when your teammates say threat neutralized (on some smaller rooms they do not say anything), your work is done.

Garage: Capturing Emilio Vargas

In order to capture Vargas you need to move fast. This will cause you to take some damage, but to take out enemies quickly use the HE grenade launcher or the Red Phosphorus grenade launcher. Use it on groups of enemies as you are chasing after him. This works best on the two guards in the cafeteria style room; if you have not caught him yet, you can shoot the grenade off the wall and take both out without stopping.

Oil refinery

On the first level that you are in an oil refinery, take an HE grenade launcher as your secondary weapon. At the end when the enemies fire RPGs, take it out. Step out from under the roof area so that enemy fires an RPG. Three enemies will appear. Shoot an HE round to kill them. Move back under the roof, reload you HE Grenade launcher, and wait until a second RPG is fired. Move around the corner and with your HE grenade launcher and shoot the man that is standing there. Turn around, and when the garage door opens, shoot the barrels on the right side with your primary weapon. Kill all enemies, secure the hostage, and the level will be completed. Note: It recommended that you save the game when you open the door that leads to the RPG area.

Penthouse: Easier kills

Even though you are told "no shooting" in this level, there is a surprise later where you have to shoot to first save someone then escape. Because of this, change your secondary weapon to either the Desert Eagle or SR-2. This way you will not have to shoot someone four times to kill him with a weak silenced pistol.

Conserving ammunition

After every fire fight, reload even if you have 22 rounds remaining. If you keep doing this, you should have enough ammunition for the long fire fights and levels.


Exploding bullet sound

Throw a WP grenade and switch back to your primary weapon as it explodes. If timed correctly, when you fire your weapon it will sound like a WP grenade is exploding, and when you reload it sounds like the pin to a grenade is being pulled. Switching back to grenades ends this.

Iron Wrath


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