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Torchlight 2 (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "settings.txt" file in the "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\my games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\save\<number>" directory. Change the Console:0 line to Console:1. Then, press [Insert] during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Add a friend by username or email. ADDFRIENDBYUSER
Toggle monster AI AIFREEZE
Spawn all items ALLITEMS
Get all stats ALLSTATS <number>
Player always scores critical hits ALWAYSCRIT
Go down a floor ASCEND
Clear console history CLS
Additional defense points DEFENSE <number>
Go up a floor DESCEND
Additional ranged points DEXTERITY <number>
Display current game difficulty DIFFICULTY
Disable the pet DISABLEPET
Additional fame points FAME <number>
View frame rate and other information FPS
Toggle God mode GOD
Toggle God mode and Speed mode GODSPEED
Reduce player's and the player's pet HP HURTME <percentage>
Identify all items in inventory IDENTIFYALL
Create an item indicated number of times ITEM <item name>,<number>
Kill all monsters KILLALL
Increase experience to the next level LEVELUP
Additional magic points MAGIC <number>
Additional gold MONEY <number>
player does not gain experience points NOXP
Monsters do not target player PLAYERNOTARGET
Set quest to complete QUESTCOMPLETE <quest name>
Reset player's pet level to 1 RESETPETLEVEL
Reset player's stats, skills, and level RESETPLAYER
Reset player's level to 1 RESETPLAYERLEVEL
Reset player's skills RESETSKILL
Reset player's stat points RESETSTATS
Set current difficulty SETDIFFICULTY <index>
Set pet's level SETPETLEVEL <number>
Set time of day SETTIME <time>
Set timescale for time of day SETTIMESCALE <scale>
List commands HELP
Additional skill points SKILLPOINTS <number>
Toggle additional speed for character SPEED
Additional stat points STATPOINTS <number>
Additional melee points STRENGTH <number>
Spawn class SPAWNCLASS <spawnclass name>, <count>, <level>
List all spawn classes SPAWNCLASS
Restarts current level RESTARTLEVEL


Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Torchlight 2 (PC)". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.

A New Trick: Teach a pet a spell.
Apprentice Baiter: Fish 10 times.
Arachnothanatology: Defeat the Winter Widow.
Breaker: Break 100 breakables.
Bull In A China Shop: Break 10,000 breakables.
Butterfly: Have 50 friends.
Cartophile: Use 100 maps.
Casuality: Defeat the Nether King in Casual difficulty.
Casually Hardcore: Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (casual).
Century Mark: Reach level 100.
Champ Battler: Defeat 25 champions.
Champ Master: Defeat 100 champions.
Champ Overlord: Defeat 500 champions.
Chest Nut: Open 500 chests.
Classist: Defeat the Nether King with each of the 4 classes.
Continuing Education: Learn 4 spells.
Critter Crusher: Squish 1000 critters.
De-Aleera-ious: Defeat Aleera.
DEAD THINGS!: Defeat One-Eyed Willy.
Destructor: Break 1,000 breakables.
Ding Dong: Defeat Cacklespit.
Dragon Slayer: Defeat Vyrax.
Elitist: Defeat the Nether King in Elite difficulty.
Emancipator: Defeat Kidrik the Mauler.
Enchanted: Use an enchanter 10 times.
Ezrek Gone: Defeat Ezrek Khan.
Fair Verona: Defeat Verona.
Fetch A Fair Price: Send your pet to town.
Flyswatter: Defeat Bloatfang.
For A Rainy Day: Have 100,000 gold.
Friendly: Add a friend.
From The Pit: Defeat Mordrox.
From The Top: Begin new game plus.
Gambling Enthusiast: Purchase 20 items from the gambler.
Gambling Fiend: Purchase 100 items from the gambler.
Gambling Professional: Purchase 50 items from the gambler.
Gem Hoarding: Recover 100 gems from items.
Gem Preservation: Recover 10 gems from items.
Gem Recovery: Recover a gem from an item.
Get This Party Started: Start a multiplayer game.
Ghost Buster: Defeat Thiss.
Gib Aficionado: Explode 1,000 enemies.
Gib Tycoon: Explode 10,000 enemies.
Gibster: Explode 100 enemies.
Globe-trotter: Take 100,000 steps.
Goodbye Cruel World: Die with a hardcore character.
Gooey Soles: Squish 100 critters.
Grand Regicide: Defeat Grand Regent Eldrayn.
Guzzler: Use 5,000 potions.
Hardcore: Start a hardcore character.
Hardcore Veteran: Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (veteran).
Having A Blast: Fish using dynamite.
Hypercritical: Deal 100,000 critical strikes.
I Know a Secret: Find a secret room.
Ice Breaker: Destroy 100 socketed gems.
In Service of Secrets: Find 10 secret rooms.
In Your World: Join a multiplayer game.
Journeyman Fisher: Fish 100 times.
Killbot・Killed: Defeat Killbot.
Lizard Breaker: Defeat Aruk.
Manticore: Defeat the Manticore.
Map Enthusiast: Use 10 maps.
Marishkabob: Defeat Marishka.
Massive Crits: Deal 10,000 critical strikes.
Master Angler: Fish 1,000 times.
Mission Accomplished: Defeat the Dark Alchemist.
Mod Maniac: Play a game using 5 mods.
Mod Squad: Install a mod.
Modpocalypse: Play a game using 10 mods.
Mushroom Picking: Defeat Boletus Rex.
Nest Egg: Have 1,000,000 gold.
No More Secrets: Find 100 secret rooms.
Normalized: Defeat the Nether King in Normal difficulty.
Normally Hardcore: Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (normal).
Overpower: Do 10,000 damage with a single attack.
Peddler: Sell 500 items.
Performance Enhancer: Use an enchanter 500 times.
Pet Savant: Teach a pet 4 spells.
Pinned to the Mist: Defeat the Wraith Lord.
Playing With Dolls: Defeat the Ancient Rag Doll.
Plunderer: Open 100 chests.
Pogg Slammed: Defeat King Pogg.
Quaffer: Use 50 potions.
Revolt Against Artifice: Defeat the Artificer.
Rock Crusher: Destroy 10 socketed gems.
Self Improvement: Use an enchanter 50 times.
Siege Breaker: Defeat the Siege Guardian.
Skill Devotee: Obtain a tier 2 skill bonus.
Skill Enthusiast: Obtain a tier 1 skill bonus.
Skill Master: Obtain a tier 3 skill bonus.
Socializer: Have 10 friends.
Socketeer: Socket a gem into an item.
Spectacular Find: Find a legendary item.
Spellcaster: Learn a spell.
Squish Gallop: Squish 500 critters.
Stepping Out: Take 10,000 steps.
Stone Smasher: Destroy a socketed gem.
The Band Played On: Assemble TrillBot.
The Big Chillhoof: Defeat Chillhoof.
The Blingbearer: Socket 500 gems into items.
The Fall of the Wild: Defeat the Grizzled Alpha.
The Felled Guardian: Defeat the Fallen Guardian.
The King is Dead: Defeat the Nether King.
The One Percent: Have 10,000,000 gold.
Thinking Critically: Deal 1,000 critical strikes.
Tippler: Use 500 potions.
Trader: Trade an item with another player.
Trash Magnate: Sell 50,000 items.
Treasure Hunter: Open 20 chests.
True Berserker: Defeat the Nether King as a Berserker.
True Embermage: Defeat the Nether King as an Embermage.
True Engineer: Defeat the Nether King as an Engineer.
True Outlander: Defeat the Nether King as an Outlander.
Twinkle Twinkle Bobba: Socket 50 gems into items.
Unmasked: Defeat the King In Masks.
Unstoppable: Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (elite).
Vendor: Sell 5,000 items.
Veterenated: Defeat the Nether King in Veteran difficulty.
Wanderer: Take 50,000 steps.
Well Dressed: Wear a completed armor set.
When Grell Fell: Defeat General Grell.
Who's Your Friend: Defeat the Manticore's Mate.
X Marks The Spot: Use a map.


Walkthrough (Embermage)


Borderlands reference

You can find a hidden CL4P-TP from Borderlands in Bloatfang's area in Act 3, "Some Assembly Required". Defeat the Bloatfang, then go to the ledge where the Automaton Power Source and chest are located. Follow the path leading south and west around the Boss area. At the southern part of the level, you can find a CL4P-TP between some rocks. He congratulates you for defeating Bloatfang and gives you Claptrap's Bolt (Armor/Trinkets: Increase charge rate by 10%, Weapon: Conveys 5% chance to Shock for 5 seconds, item level 32).
orna wloatop

The Goonies references

The Plunder Cove optional quest in Act 1 contains several references to the film The Goonies. There is a corpse named Chester Copperpot (drops One-Eyed Willy's Other Eye socketable), and a Boss named One-Eyed Willy (may drop One-Eyed Willy's Eye socketable).

Easy "The Band Played On" achievement

After Professor Stoker opens the passage to The Broken Mines (you must have Act 4 available) in the main quest line in the Act 3 hub, you will be able to give him the following parts to assemble and start a new quest.

  • Part 1 (Robotic Drum): In Act 1, Crow's Pass: Widow's Veil, light all the braziers and a gate will open in a random location in the area.
  • Part 2 (Robotic Arm): In Act 2, Ossean Wastes: Tower of the Moon, clear the room and hit all the gongs. A gate will open at the back of the room.
  • Part 3 (Robotic Pipes): In Act 2, Salt Barrens: Swarm Point - Brood Hive, smash the group of eggs at the rear of the Boss room. A wall will open. The biggest egg inside that area has the part.
  • Part 4 (Robotic Body): In Act 3, The Blightbogs: Abandoned Sawmill, free four skeletons pinned by weapons and a gate will open in a random location in the area.
  • Part 5 (Robotic Head): In Act 3, Sundered Battlefield: Cacklespit's Realm, find Fade (the owner of a ghost carriage) and finish his quest. He will take you to the Cacklespit's Realm. Before you teleport to the Boss, destroy all the tree trunks and a secret path will open at a random location, leading to a small island.

Easy "The Big Chillhoof" achievement

Chillhoof is the final Boss in the Icedeep Caverns in Act I. It is encountered during a side quest. The Icedeep Caverns is a two floor dungeon that can be entered through the Frosted Hills in Act I.

Easy "Bull In A China Shop" achievement

Select an Embermage that has access to the Mapworks and put all your skill points (including passive skills) into "Prismatic Bolt" to end up with a very powerful attack. It will do a notable amount of damage with five missiles that cover a broad area and seeks out nearby enemies. Although the missiles do not intentionally target breakables, most of the time they will hit them when attacking monsters. Go to the merchant in the Mapworks and get some "Infected Retreat Map" that are below or equal to your own level. Clear the entire map, return to the Mapworks and repeat the process with a new map. The "Infected Retreat Map" usually feature three floors, at least 200 breakables, many chests, enough enemies to target, and several secret rooms. If done correctly, you should be able to get at least 1,000 per hour.

Easy "Critter Crusher" achievement

  • Little animals such as rats, frogs, snakes, spiders are considered critters, and can be found almost anywhere. Walk on them to squish them. Critters are only visible if you play in Solo mode or if you are hosting a LAN or internet multi-player game.
  • You can force rats to spawn to complete this task faster. Enable the "Cheat mode" code and enter monster RAT,1000 at the console window to spawn 1,000 rats. Run over them to squish them. Rats will not vanish like other critters, allowing you to take your time.

Easy "The Felled Guardian" achievement

The Fallen Guardian is a Boss encountered during the "The Scroll of Anom-Irek" side quest at the Corrupted Crypt in Act I. The Corrupted Crypt is found in Path of the Honored Dead and is usually the first dungeon entered. In it, you have to reclaim a scroll that has knowledge on how to end to the disease claiming the land.

Easy "Having A Blast" achievement

Purchase dynamite from an item vendor then go to a fishing location outside of town. When you fish in a location where dynamite can be used, the corresponding icon will appear under the usual fishing icon. Select it to throw dynamite into the fishing hole.

Easy "Hypercritical" achievement

  • This can be done on the scarecrow "target dummy" at the first town. Start a new game with a Berserker class, take the two fastest claws, go to the Estherian Enclave, and hold Left Mouse Button on the scarecrow.
  • Select the Berserker class . Press [Insert] to display the console window and enable the Skillpoints 15 code to get the ability to pump Wolf Pack, the Alwayscrit code to force each hit to be a critical, and the God code for unlimited health and mana. Go to the dummy at Esteriyskom Enclave. Note: This will mark your character as a cheater.

Easy "Ice Breaker" achievement

Add gems to items with sockets. Single items are counted as one socket even if they have multiple gems in them. For example, a sword or pistol with two or more sockets only counts as destroying one socketed gem.

Easy "Master Angler" achievement

Visit every fishing hole found while exploring. Alternatively, sit in the town and keep fishing. Although dynamite helps speed this up, you cannot do this at the fishing holes in towns.

Easy "Performance Enhancer" achievement

Take an item to an enchanter to have it enchanted. Disenchanting may also count towards the total. Because this can get very expensive very fast, collect or purchase many cheap and low level items (ones with a white name). You will also need to amass large amounts of money.

Easy "Unmasked" achievement

The King in Masks is the Boss found at the end of the Vault of Soul, found during the "A Shattered Visage Lies" side quest in Act II. The quest is granted by an NPC named "The Faceless King" who appears at random locations in "The Salt Barrens".

Easy "Well Dressed" achievement

You do not need all slots of your armor to be from the same set. Each armor set has a certain number of pieces, which appears in the description. Some low-level sets may only have two pieces. Wear both pieces of such a set.


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