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Traffic Flow

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Bridge Collapse: Smash 250 cars in Crash.
Crash: 1 Level: Unlock a Crash level.
Crash: 5 Levels: Unlock 5 Crash levels.
Demolition Squad: Smash 10K cars in Crash.
Flow: 1 Level: Unlock a Flow level.
Flow: 10,000 Cars: Clear 10,000 cars in Flow.
Flow: 100 Cars: Clear 100 cars in Flow.
Flow: 2,500 Cars: Clear 2,500 cars in Flow.
Flow: 250 Cars: Clear 250 cars in Flow.
Flow: 250,000 Cars: Clear 250,000 cars in Flow.
Flow: 5 Levels: Unlock 5 Flow levels.
Flow: 50,000 Cars: Clear 50,000 cars in Flow.
Flow: 500 Cars: Clear 500 cars in Flow.
Flow: 9 Levels: Unlock 9 Flow levels.
Internship: Earn 10,000 points.
Junkyard: Smash 1K cars in Crash.
Manager: Earn 250K points.
Massive Pileup: Smash 100 cars in Crash.
Mechanic: Fully upgrade 4 cars.
Millionaire: Earn 1M points.
Out Of Poverty: Earn 25K points.
Pimp That Ride: Fully upgrade 1 car.
Refurbished: Smash 500 cars in Crash.
Salt Flats: Fling a car at 500 MPH.
Senior Grunt: Earn 100K points.
Summer Job: Earn 5,000 points.
Supercar: Fling a car at 200 MPH.
The Entire Fleet: Fully upgrade 8 cars.
Tow Truck: Smash 50 cars in Crash.
Unregulated: Fling a car at 100 MPH.
Useless Manager: Earn 500K points.
Wage Slave: Earn 50K points.
Widowmaker: Smash 50K cars in Crash.
Wrecking Ball: Smash 5K cars in Crash.