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Treasure Seas Incorporated

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Land item locations

Note: Press A to get off of the map whether you changed routes or not.
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Nalani Route: Seaman's Cove, Tobacco Isle, Dolphins Creek.
Maka Koa Route: Coral Village, Mermaid Bay, Neptune's Island, Seaman's Cove.
Alohi Route: Coral Village, Whales Home, Turtle Isle, Dolphin's Creek.
Seaman's Cove: Two battery packs ($8,500).
Tobacco Isle: Plating ($8,000); battery pack ($7,500).
Dolphins Creek: Oxygen ($7,000 to $8,000).
Coral Village: Sell seagrass.
Mermaid's Bay: Save.
Neptune's Island: Floodlight ($7,000); oxygen ($9,000).
Whales Home: Medium propeller ($6,000); large propeller ($8,000).
Turtle Isle: Plating ($7,000).

Treasure map locations

Maka Koa map 1: Under Coral Village on the left in the dark.
Alohi Root map 2: Near Dolphin's Creek in the dark, not in the tunnel to the right.
Nalani Root map 3: Directly below Seaman Cove, second ledge in the dark.


Dolphins will show you where treasure is located. If you stop driving he will not tell you; you must follow him.

Surviving shark attack

Buy a floodlight. In one of the levels you will expend your battery and need to pedal. If you get eaten by a shark, keep pedaling and you should live. You can then get all the treasure on the map.
vniubap oayibahr