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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

A Right Legend: Win your first versus battle.
All for One: Use every unit in one battle.
All the King's Men: All Field Commanders active at one time.
Ally Sloper's Calvary: Beat the Campaign on Easy.
Black Hand Gang: Beat the Campaign on Hard.
Bloody Sunday: Inflict 500 enemy looses in one battle.
Bombardier: Achieve a Field Promotion on any unit.
Distinguished Cross: Eliminate 2500 enemy troops.
Gibs Galore: Direct hit with the Artillery.
Hun-ter: Eliminate 100 enemies with Sniper fire.
I'm With You: Win your first cooperative battle.
Landslide: Win a battle taking less than half losses you inflict.
Military Cross: Eliminate 1000 enemy troops.
Over the Top!: Win a battle using only Riflemen.
Pillbox: Improve a trencht to bunker level.
Pygmy Power: Amass more than 100 points on Pygmy Horde.
Rattlesnake: Eliminate 500 enemies with Machine Gun fire.
Shell-Shock: Beat the Campaign on Medium.
Shrapnel: Land a direct hit with a Grenade.
Silent Percy: Eliminate 10 troops in one Artillery strike.
Tea with the Maharaja: Win a Campaign without losing a battle.
Time for Tea: Win a Skirmish in less than 3 minutes.
Time Waster: Take over 60 minutes to complete a battle.
Tour of Duty: Finish all three difiiculties of Cooperative Battle with a GameCenter friend.
Trench Foot: Finish all three difficulties of Cooperative King of the Trench with a GameCenter friend.
Two's Company: Engage in your first multiplayer battle.
Unbreakable: Win three battles in a row in Skirmish mode.
Victoria Cross: Eliminate 10000 enemy troops.
Zombie Whisperer: Last more than 5 minutes in Zombie Horde.