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Trigger Happy Christmas

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Chilled (60 points): Kill 20 elves while they are frozen.
Done That (40 points): Use all upgrade types in one game, 3x weapons, 3x effectors, 2x points.
Easy Pickings (40 points): Elfserminate 50 levels.
Guarded (50 points): Complete (5 points) present stacks in a single game.
Nice Job! (20 points): Score over 5,000 points.
No Way! (80 points): Score over 80,000 points.
Rapid Fire (120 points): Kill 10 big red elves with the blunderbuss in a single game.
Roasted (80 points): Roast 10 blue elves whilst in 2x mode.
Sociable (100 points): Send Christmas cards to 10 friends.
Sore Thumbs (80 points): Kill 5,000 naughty elves.
Swiss Cheese (80 points): Puncture the lungs of 100 green elves.
Wowsers! (50 points): Score over 10,000 points.