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Tropix 2: Quest For The Golden Banana

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Easy sand dollars

  • Find the shovel on an island. Go to the shop and buy it. Click on your monkey and then the shovel. The monkey can now use it to dig on the island for sand dollars. You can allow the game to idle after the monkey has a shovel and it will automatically dig at random locations to find sand dollars, bottles, and shells. Note: You can also get easy fish by buying the fishing pole, equipping it to a monkey, and allowing the game to idle.
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  • When you have 1,500 sand dollars, buy an egg on an island. Note: When you are on a quest you can buy it there. Purchase some food for it then click the egg. It should hatch, and a little animal will appear. Feed it from time to time. When it is older, you will get more sand dollars back. For example, with a kiwi egg and some kiwi food, when it grows you will get 1,760 sand dollars for it. When it is grown up you will earn even more.

Easy items

Complete a level that allows you to use a fishing pole and/or shovel. Purchase it on that same island. Allow the game to idle for a few hours. After some time the monkeys will have gone fishing or digging, finding sand dollars, reeling in fish, and items you can sell such as colored bottles and shells.

Easy money

  • Having a few shovels in first two levels helps. Both boy and girl monkeys will dig for treasure when they want to, or you can tell the boy monkey to dig by clicking on the shovel and then on a spot on the ground. If they do it on their own, you do not have to click "OK" when they find something. Sell the bottles for $25 and shells for $50. Also buy extra fruit trees. They produce lots of fruit. Sell the fruit for $25 each.
  • Purchase an assortment of the brown seeds and a watering can. Click the seed and the boy monkey will plant it. Click the water can, then the small plant and he will water it. It will grow. You can then go to "Shop/Sell" and see what it is worth. Water the plant again and it will produce a seed, which with the above method will grow into a hybrid plant. These usually sell for more than the original plant. Keep those first plants from seeds and water them again. They can cross-pollinate to make strange, but valuable assets, worth from $200 to $500. Danger Island is a fertile location for growing plants.

Throwing glass bottles

Unlock the shovel and dig up a glass bottle (green, blue or purple). Use the boy monkey to pick up the glass bottle and click on a girl monkey, crab or peinguin. Your boy monkey will throw the glass bottle.