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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
tg, ierirl

Addict: Play at least 600 games.
Adroitness: Try to control a snake with more then 80 segments.
Apprentice: You got 100,000 points in a game.
Beginner: You got 10,000 points in a game.
Curious: Discover all the options.
Dexterity: Try to control a snake with more then 150 segments.
Explorer: Discover all the vitafruits of the encyclopedia.
Extreme: Eat 10 times the biggest vitafruit.
Gamer: You got 1,000,000 points in a game.
Glutton: Eat at least 500 vitafruits in a game.
Greedy: Eat at least 300 vitafruits in a game.
Hardcore gamer: You got 2,000,000 points in a game.
Laborious: Play 20 games below 100 points each.
Mastery: Play 20 games over 1 million points each.
Persevering: Play at least 300 games.
Reckless: Play at least 15 minutes during a game.
Unfortunate: Play more than 10 minutes in a game and get less than one million points.