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Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0

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Ultra Father

Select Story mode. Choose any Ultraman except for Leo and Mebius. Proceed until Mother of Ultra and Father of Ultra states that Zoffy will recover for three days. A training session with the other five Ultras will start. Complete the first fight. Press Start in the middle of the second fight, then exit and save the game. Return to the PSP "Home" screen, enter the system settings, then advance the system date by three days. Continue Story mode. Complete the training session, and an alternate Story mode will play out. Press R during the battle with Temperor Seijin to get a clue from Father of Ultra on how to win. During the battle, increase your power into the yellow area and allow Temperor Seijin to max his power. Allow him to use his power, then immediately use shield. His beams will reflect back to him. Complete Story mode to unlock Ultra Father.
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