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Untold Legends: Brotherhood Of The Blade

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This game is titled Untold Legends: Brotherhood Of The Blade in North America and Europe, and Untold Legends: Unataka no Yuuken in Japan.


All around attack

When crowded by many enemies, press Circle to do an all around attack. This should damage most of your opponents.

More inventory space

If you cant carry anymore items in your inventory, look in your weapons, armor, and position/power up page to decide which items to discard. To help you decide, throw out the lowest hit point ratings, dexterity points, strength points ratings, etc.

Easy experience

To get easy levels, find an area in the game where there is a rare monster. They have red circles around them. If they are near a door, kill the monster then go through the door. If there is another rare monster nearby, also kill that one then go back through the door where you killed the first monster. It should be alive again. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

When you first start, kill all the monsters as usual and exit the tavern. After you exit, kill all the monsters up to the Academy. Do not get too close to the top of the Academy or the game will start your next quest. Run back down to the tavern and enter it. The monsters should have respawned. Kill them again to get experience. Repeat this and you should get a good amount of experience until you are at about level 30. This works especially well for Knights to do their Aura of Valor.

Note: This trick requires two PSPs with the game. You also need one character that is over level 40. Have the person with the higher level character invite a lower level character into his game for multi-player mode. The lower level character should be below level 30. Then, have the lower level character stand back and hit them with arrows (if possible). The lower level character should get experience points, even though he is not fighting. The lower the level, the better this will work.

When just starting the game, fight all the Pretox. Kill the Shadow Pretox then go to the city. Kill all the Pretox there then go to the academy. Talk to Overseer Lyetta. Save the game and exit. Go to "Load Game" then instead of choosing "Continue Story", go to "Restart Story". It is an easy and quick way to get your character to level up.
Vishal Morari.

Easy gold

This trick requires two PSPs with their own copy of the game. Start playing and get about 1,000 to 9,000 gold. Save two copies of the game on two different Memory Stick Duo. Then connect the PSPs using the "Host Game" selection. With the other PSP, join the game of the host PSP. Then, buy something with the money (for example, potions). Then, drop the items and have the other player pick them up. Then, sell them to the shop keeper. Save two more copies of this game and do the same thing repeatedly, except with more money.

Defeating Athoxxia, The Pretox Queen

When you kill Ronan the Zombie in the room before the Pretox Queen, make sure you have some health vials with you, and at least one point into the attack where you attack an enemy in a flurry of stabs. If you have low health, do not use any of your health vials. Regenerate your health. Once your health is full, run to the circle platform where Athoxxia (the Pretox Queen) is located. Once she is done talking, watch the mini-map. The red Boss icon on the mini-map shows where she will climb up on the platform. Whenever she climbs up, use Flurry on her, as it will drain her health quickly. If she sends some Pretox spiders at you, use a power swing to dispatch them quickly. If you run low on health, use your health vials. If you have no health vials, run to the bridge-like path and regenerate while blocking (R + Circle). If you have a ranged weapon (bow, knives, etc.), get on that narrow bridge-like path and hit her with it. Once she is dead, teleport back to Aven and talk to the Overseer. Note: It is recommended that you use a fire based weapon on Athoxxia.

Defeating the bull

The only way to defeat the "bull" enemy that charges at you is with a range attack (bow and arrow, throwing knives, etc.). Once it spots you, its guaranteed that it will hit you hard if you do not take it out fast enough. It pauses for a moment, then charges you. Its attack cannot be blocked and it deals a lot of damage.

Defeating Shadow Lord

As an alchemist, get a maximum level Fire Bomb and bow and arrows. Keep running from the Shadow Lord as you are faster than him. When he is near you, walk around him and lay Fire Bombs. They will do about 300 damage each. Drop about six bombs then run away. When you are a good distance away, use your bow and start firing in the general direction of the Shadow Lord. When he is close, repeat the Fire Bomb tactic then run away. Repeat the same trick. Constantly doing this will greatly reduce his HP and he will eventually die.

Defeating Bosses

When fighting a boss that can overpower a Druid in hand-to-hand combat, summon a "pet" and equip a strong bow. Because you spill a lot of points in dexterity, the bow should be very strong. You can easily pick off Bosses that way.

Finding Bosses

You can see a Boss ahead of time by using the map. Save before you fight it, and you can reload the game it does not drop anything you want to keep.

Restoring health

When you are low on health, press L to get a health potion. If you are not hurt enough to where you think you need a potion, your health and power will slowly recharge.

Buying items

If have money and cannot find anything you want from the merchant, leave town then return. His inventory will change.
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Extra gold

Use the following trick to get a lot of gold when you do not have any inventory remaining. Be an alchemist and level up the spell Transmute so that everything around you turns into gold. Note: This spell must be at a high level to be worth it.

Use the following trick to get lots of gold and inventory space. You must be very patient. When you cannot pick up an item because it is to heavy or your inventory is full, Recall to Aven and go to the merchant. Sell all unwanted items, then recall back to where ever you were.
Vishal Morari.


Alchemists do not have an all around attack like most classes. They start out with a spell called Poison Shot that at a high level (about level 6), can kill almost all small enemies without the, getting to you. It does 25 to 35 damage and does not use a lot of energy. You can cast it very fast to surround yourself in clouds of poison that will kill everything near you.

When you are high enough level to get "Fire Bomb", get it and do nothing but upgrade it. Over time, the bomb will explode instantly after you drop it and do over 300 damage.

Skip the Prologue

Press Circle to save time and skip the Prologue.

Avoid dying

If you are about to die and did not save the game for some time, while you are falling you can quickly recall to Aven.

Press Start before you die and select "Return to Aven".

Maximum weight

If you are a class such as the Alchemist you should be concerned with your maximum carrying weight. Every level up, spend a point to the weight icon in your magic. Also, give up a few attribute points in strength. Another way to do this is to add a Virtue Rune or a Ferrous Stone to your armor. Either will increase the maximum caring weight. For best results do all three of these.


Duplicate items

This trick requires two PSPs and two copies of the game. Select the item to be duplicated and trade it to another PSP. Do not save on your PSP but save on the other one. When you reload, because you did not save you will still have the item. However, because the other PSP saved with the item on it, they will also have the item.

Connect to a multi-player game. Have the character with the item give it to another player and do not save the game when exiting. The player who receives the items needs to save the game. When both players reload the game, they will both have the item.

Over 127 available attribute points

If you save and exit a game while having more than 127 available attribute points, you will lose all the points permanently from that save. Notice that every time you load that save, the level-up option is gone, hence all the available attribute points you saved are gone as well. To prevent this glitch, you must keep the numbers below 127 before save and exit the game.


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