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Urban Brawl

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Cheat Codes

Type the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Spawn blunderbuss give actionblunderbuss
Spawn one cannonball for blunderbuss give blunderbussammo
Spawn chainsaw give actionchainsaw
Spawn gasoline ammo give gasoline
Spawn Uzi give actionuzi
Spawn pistol give actionpistol
Spawn katana give katana
Spawn sledgehammer give sledgehammer
Spawn bat weapon give baseballbat
Spawn bottle weapon give bottle
Spawn brown bottle weapon give brownbottle
Spawn chain weapon give chain
Spawn board weapon give board
Spawn pipe weapon give pipe
Spawn wrench weapon give wrench
Spawn knife give knife
Spawn shovel weapon give shovel
Spawn pool cue weapon give poolcue
Spawn tazer give actiontazer
Spawn fire extinguisher weapon give fireextinguisher
Faster punching give cheetahfists
Faster punching with Hadoken as secondary fire give dragonfists
Spawn fists give actionfists
Spawn pizza (health) give pizzapie
Spawn hamburger (health) give hamburger
Spawn sandwich (health) give sandwich
Spawn apple (health) give apple
Spawn turkey dinner (health) give turkeydinner
Unknown give acmc
Unknown give actionclip
Unknown give actiondoom
Unknown give bartradio
Unknown give blingbling
Unknown give brassknuckles
Unknown give canadianmoney
Unknown give candy1
Unknown give candy2
Unknown give candy3
Unknown give cashmoney
Unknown give daikatana
Unknown give diamond
Unknown give dragonfistswithbrassknuckles
Unknown give etruscanstatue
Unknown give haveyouseenmystapler
Unknown give jackbottle
Unknown give larrystereo
Unknown give larrytv
Unknown give mordethcomputer
Unknown give necklace
Unknown give necronomicon
Unknown give pitfallgold
Unknown give rcrcoin
Unknown give ring
Unknown give rolex
Unknown give romerobobblehead
Unknown give shuriken
Unknown give silver
Unknown give sixpack
Unknown give smallgasoline
Unknown give soda1
Unknown give soda2
Unknown give soda3
Unknown give sunglasses
Unknown give taco
Unknown give tube
Unknown give windowssource

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Hidden room

When you leave your room at the start of the game, open the door near where you find the bottle in the corridor. Get the fire extinguisher. Return to your apartment. Notice that there is a door on fire near the couch. Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire, then enter that door to find some hidden items.
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Alternate endings

  • To view the best ending, do not enter the subway or the taxi after leaving the gay bar. Destroy the red car and a cinematic will start, with the bartender explaining everything. Once in the subway, proceed to the train. Use the phone before entering the train to get an ally to help you fight. Once on the train, defeat everyone then exit. When you are fighting the two gang leaders, allow them to win. After the cinematic, choose the option to go directly to the Phylex building. Reach the final floor of the skyscraper. When fighting the helicopter, wait until the cannon above the door falls off the wall. Take it, load it, then shoot down the helicopter.
  • Do not cross the river when you reach it in the forest level. Turn around and go to the west. Search the small indentation on the map until you find a car. You can find the chainsaw near it. Then towards the end of the game when you get to the farm, go into the basement. Find the generator. Use it and choose to fill the chainsaw when asked. Go to the large shed in the northwest corner of the farm. Cut the boarded up door to the shed with the chainsaw. Open the door, then enter and defeat the Boss.