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Viewtiful Joe: Battle Carnival (PSP)

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This game is titled Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble in North America and Europe, and Viewtiful Joe: Battle Carnival in Japan.



Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding movies.
, , and

First six movies: Complete Story mode.
Special Editions of first six movies: Collect all of those movie's V-Puzzle pieces. Note: Each movie has sixteen V-Puzzle pieces.
Les Acteurs Incroyable: Complete the first six movies.
BOSS*BOSS*BANG*BANG: Complete all the normal and Special Edition movies.
Red Hot Rumble: Complete BOSS*BOSS*BANG*BANG.
The Hidden Hideout: Complete any movie with Charles the Third, Hulk Davidson, and Gran Bruce.


Most characters can be unlocked by completing the movie or challenge that they are featured in. Complete the indicated task to unlock the other characters.

Sprocket: Complete a movie.
Charles the Third: Use two different characters to complete a movie.
Hulk Davidson: Use three different characters to complete a movie.
Gran Bruce: Use four different characters to complete a movie.
Dante: Complete "Riddle Of The Incan Empire".
Rachael: Complete "Les Acteurs Incroyable".
Stylish Alastor: Complete "Riddle of the Incan Empire Special Edition".
Young Blue Jr.: Complete "Viewtiful Cartoon World Special Edition".
Movie Fan Joe: Complete "Captain Blue Begins Special Edition".
Heroine Silvia: Complete "Truth of the Black Film Special Edition".
Manager Jet: Complete "Gulliver's Battles Special Edition".
Director Blue: Complete "Atlantis: Adventures of the Four Seas Special Edition".
Dark Hero Jet Black: Complete "BOSS*BOSS*BANG*BANG".
Fighter Bianky and Friends: Complete "Red Hot Rumble".
Young Captain Blue: Complete "The Hidden Hideout".

EX costumes

Either complete all the V-Puzzles or all the Challenges.

Vs. mode stages

Successfully complete Story mode.

V-Gallery movie clips

View the movie clips in Story mode to unlock them at the V-Gallery.


Complete the V-Puzzles for the Special Edition movies.

Alternate announcers

Complete "BOSS*BOSS*BANG*BANG" and "Red Hot Rumble". Note: The new announcers will be appear randomly.

Alternate costumes

Successfully complete all 40 Trial mode missions. Then, highlight a character and press Square at the selection screen.


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