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Virtual Families (iPod/iPhone)

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Unlocking the shed

Go to the sandbox and pick up the brass door knob with a family member. Your character will take it to the shed and fix it. Then, place a family member on the welcome mat and they will get a key, take it to the shed, and unlock it. The shed will now be open, and can be used to out fires (with the extinguishers) and water the plants (after the hose is repaired).

Fixing the birdbath

Start by fixing the water hose. To do this, buy waterproof tape and have a person get a drink. Then, put another person on top of the hose. Next, buy a water pump. Put it by the birdbath. Then, put two people on top of it.

Fixing the workshop wall

Buy The Wall Repair Paint from the store in the "Varied Items" section. Note: You will have to wait until it appears there. Put the paint and brush beside the bucket on the lower right part of the screen, near the sandbox. Drop someone on the bucket and they will fill the bucket with water and add the paint. They will then take it to the wall of the workshop, where the children draw on the wall. They will paint the wall. However, they will not complete the job on their own. You will have to keep bringing them back after they have completed one round. Use multiple people to finish the job quickly. Note: Interrupting them while they are taking from the bucket will cause the bucket to disappear, and all your progress on the wall will be gone. You will then have to wait for the paint and brush to appear in the shop again.

Fixing the shower and toilet

Go to the laundry room. The duster and plunger are used to fix the shower and toilet.

Fixing leaks

When the faucets spring a leak, go to the workshop and get the wrench on the top shelf of the cupboard. Your person will take it and fix the leak.

Fixing the leaky house

Purchase duct tape. Place the duct tape near the leaky hose at the back of the house. Have one of your friends lower the water pressure in the house by washing their hands, getting a drink, using the toilet, or taking shower. Take an adult friend and place them on top of the hose at the back of the house. Your little friend will repair the leaky hose while the water pressure is lowered.

Extinguishing fires

To put out a machinery fire, such as the cooker, oven, washer, or dryer, you must have your shed open. Simply place someone on the fire extinguishers on the left side of the open doorway. the fire extinguishers on the left side of the open doorway. Make sure to praise him or her for doing a good job.

Restoring energy

  • If someone's energy is low, give him or her an energy drink or allow it to take naps or go to bed. Note: This may require a few attempts.
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  • Take them to their beds or hammock to sleep. If they awaken and are still that way, take them back until they are happy or elated.

Restoring happiness

Buy new things for the person, praise it, feed it, clean the house, and do not use the scolding hand.

Restoring health

Have the person take a shower, clean the house, or use a towelette or hand sanitizer.

Curing the hiccups

Keep taking the person with the hiccups to the kitchen sink for a drink until they do it.

Hidden ball

Click the top left above the paddles (hands). Note: This may require several attempts. A ball will appear, and you can bounce it around while waiting for characters to complete a task.

Controlling time of day

The day and night cycle for the game coincides with the system time. For example, if you play at night, it will be nighttime in the game and your people will constantly be exhausted. To change this, enter the options menu and switch the day/night feature. It will then be daytime in the game when it is night in the real world.

Finding rare items

When is raining, the dog can take you to the uncommon and rare items. Click on him and make him walk slowly. Never prepare a meal when is raining, as the dog will not work because it will be time to eat and he will stand near the table.

Choosing the next generation

You can choose your favorite child to be your next generation. Give him two or three encyclopedias after turning the oven on. For example, if you want him to be a cook, start giving him the cooking books after the encyclopedias. When you start the new family, he will not only be a cook, he will be in level 6 in less than 24 hours. If you do not give him an specific book he will become a Rocket Scientist, earning 105 Novice.

Oven warning

A dog will warn the family when the oven is on.

Easy money

  • Do not let any of the parents to do any housework; only take care of the basic health tasks (for example, taking a shower). The children will take care of everything. Do not buy any of the house upgrades unless you have a level 2 in the Office, Kitchen and Workshop. Do not buy more food than necessary. They only cost about %250 per day (Cooks spend more). Once they reach level 8, keep giving them the books and you can make someone make as much as $1000 per day. When they are old, in their final week make them only work because this is when they earn more. This is the best time to save for the third levels. Do not buy the Bathroom upgrade; they will lose a lot of time on this.
  • Start a new generation, as it is best to start when they are young. Wait until they get married and have at least one kid, or just adopt one. Also make sure that there is plenty of food. Then, make them work and praise them up to twenty times (both adults). If they run away, just drag them back and keep praising them. Then, exit the game and change the system date to the year 2000 or something similar. Return to the app, play for about thirty seconds, then exit again. Change the system date to the year 2030 or something similar. When you return to the game, you will have earned about 15,000 coins. Repeat the process to get more coins each time. The point of adopting a kid is that if the parents die young, there will be someone to start a new generation, and If you do not have food, they will starve. Consider purchasing the grains as they are cheaper, but anything will do. Try to get at least 3,000.


If they charge you a small amount, it will be paintings or the cushions for a discount. If they are not charging you anything and only shows up, the box is full of ants and will empty the fridge. If the Boy Scouts try to sell you something, take it. You will get 100 food free in your fridge


The adopted kids actually are made to get the trophy for seriously ill or the virus infection. They will also infect the father the next day. Use the blue syringe or the penicillin. Sometimes the Mexican candies will make people very ill.

Having another child for free

Put one of the parents on the other parent. If you get a message that they are not feeling well or up to this, then do it later. If it says that they are trying to make a baby, leave the parents alone. If it says that they cannot agree to this, then do it a few more times and they will try to have a baby. It does not matter if one parent does not want to have a baby and the other does; they can still have a baby.

Killing someone

To kill someone, have 0 food on the fridge and the Mega Chamomile drinks ready. If you want the elderly to die faster, do not let them rest. Make them loose health, food and energy.

Blue rain bottles

Blue rain bottles should be used after 6:00 p.m. Make sure someone is taking insects outside or doing something related with bugs or plants or you will waste it. If you have more than one family it will rain everywhere.

Collecting items faster

To collect coins, picture pieces, etc., drag an adult on the object. Wait until he or she picks it up, then drag them somewhere else. The object will fall on the ground then go into the collection drawer.

Throw away garbage faster

Get the garbage and wait for the person to start walking with it. Then, praise the person. The garbage will disappear and go into the trash.

Hidden path

There is a path which leads from one family to the other. Go to the tree behind where the pool would be placed. Click multiple times just above the blue box were you would normally see your person's face. Note: Eventually you will be able to move the mouse without clicking and dragging. Note: This may require some time. At that point you can take things from that house's inventory and place it in the bushes. Then, go into another family and repeat the procedure. You will be able to take out whatever you previously placed there.

Chasing Gophers

You will not be able to see that a child is playing with gophers. However if you have the sound turned up all the way you may be able to hear a child laughing. If not, you can do is drop your child near the birdbath. Note: Dropping them on it will only make them confused, especially if you have not fixed it. Their action will be playing on the lawn. When this happens, you will begin to see holes appearing where they are playing. These are the gophers. One of the trophies to earn is to praise someone who is chasing gophers. It is straight forward from there. Tap the green glove, then select the child to earn the trophy. Note: A few attempts may be needed to make the child play on the lawn. (Screenshot)