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Virtual Villagers: A New Home (DS)

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Golden child

Drag a female to a male or vice versa. Keep repeating this until you hear a kissing sound and your population goes up. When the mother exits the hut with a baby in her hands, take her and put her into the lagoon. Note: It must be filled with water. Do this by getting rid of the rocks that are blocking the water from flowing. When the child grows up, he or she will be a "golden child".


The first puzzle is to complete a hut, the second to master the herbs, and the third to get a master scientist. Take them to the building behind the research table and open a school.
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Getting children to school

After building the school, click on the bongo next to it to have all children of the village to come to the school.


To start your villagers fishing you must reach level 3 in farming. Take a master farmer to the lagoon when it is filled with water.