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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 (DS)

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item.
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  • Bamboo Cane: Talk to Tommy Dreamer after you are highly respected. Answer negatively and he will challenge you to a Hardcore Match. Win that match.
  • Chocolate gift from a fan: Randomly received from Triple H if he respects you as a wrestler. It lowers your stats by 2 levels.
  • ECW T-shirt: Win your first PPV as an ECW Wrestler. It increases all stats by 2 levels.
  • Homemade championship: If you are highly respected by the other wrestlers, Vince McMahon may call and tell you about creating a new championship belt. Win a match he will give you the Homemade Championship as an April's Fool Day joke. It increases your stats.
  • Kane's mask and more mask options in Create-A-Wrestler: When you are the ECW champion, if Kane is in the backstage he may challenge you for your title. Select either a Ladder or Last Man Standing match. Defeat him, and when you return to your house you will receive Kane's Mask. To equip it, enter Create-A-Wrestler mode and defeat Kane at least two times in order for him to respect you as a wrestler.
  • RAW T-shirt: Win your first PPV as a RAW wrestler. It Increases all of your stats by 2 levels.
  • SmackDown! T-shirt: Win your first PPV as a SmackDown! wrestler. It increases all of your stats by 2 levels.


Attacking your opponent

To attack your opponent, tap the touch screen.