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Warriors Orochi 2 (PSP)

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This game is titled Warriors Orochi 2 in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin in Japan.


Third costume

Raise a character's proficiency to 10.

Fourth costume

Raise a character's proficiency to 20.

First abilities

Have a saved game file from Warriors Orochi to unlock the first abilities for all character.

Orochi X

Complete all dream stages.

Original background in Gallery

Unlock all fighters.

Dream mode levels

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Dream mode level.

Level 01: Get 50 proficiency with Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan.
Level 02: Get 50 proficiency with Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ieyasu Tokugawa.
Level 03: Complete Samurai Chapter 2, Wu Chapter 4, and Orochi Chapter 2.
Level 04: Complete Samurai Chapter 2.
Level 05: Complete Samurai Chapter 3.
Level 06: Obtain 15 treasures.
Level 07: Complete Wei Chapter 3, and Shu Chapter 3.
Level 08: Collect all treasures.
Level 09: Complete Wei Chapter 7.
Level 10: Unlocked by default.
Level 11: Complete Wei Chapter 6, Wu Chapter 6, and Samurai Chapter 4.
Level 12: Complete Wei Chapter 4, and Wu Chapter 5.
Level 13: Complete all Story modes.
Level 14: Complete Wu Final Chapter.
Level 15: Complete Wei Final Chapter.
Level 16: Reach level 99 with Zhang Liao, Gan Ning and Kotaro Fuuma.
Level 17: Complete 20 levels in Story mode.
Level 18: Reach level 99 with Xiahou Yuan, Huang Zhong and Ina.
Level 19: Unlocked by default.
Level 20: Have the sum of all character levels to equal 1,820 or more.
Level 21: Complete Samurai Chapter 5.
Level 22: Complete Orochi Chapter 5.
Level 23: Unlocked by default.
Level 24: Have the sum of all characters' levels to equal 910 or more.
Level 25: Complete 30 levels in Story mode.
Level 26: Have the sum of all characters' levels to equal 3,640 or more.
Level 27: Have the sum of all characters' proficiency levels to equal 2,730 or more.
Level 28: Complete Orochi Final Chapter.
Level 29: Have the sum of all characters' proficiency levels to equal 3,000 or more.
Level 30: Reach level 99 with San Zang, Himiko and Sun Wukong.
Level 31: Get 50 proficiency with Benkei, Kiyomori and Yoshitsune.
Level 32: Unlock Keiji and Masamune.
Level 33: Unlock Gracia.
Level 34: Unlock Kotaro and Nene.
Level 35: Unlock Magoichi.
Level 36: Complete Dream mode level 35 and unlock Pang Tong.
Level 37: Unlock Himiko.
Level 38: Complete Dream mode level 37 and unlock Masamune.
Level 39: Unlock Dodomeki and Gyuki.
Level 40: Complete Dream mode levels 29 to 39.


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