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Westward 3: Gold Rush

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Pumpkin head rider

Build three cemeteries. After a gunslinger dies, a grave will appear in the cemetery. A cemetery can hold eight graves. Fill all three cemeteries with 24 gunslinger graves. A headless rider will appear with a pumpkin head. The rider is stronger than average gunslinger and you can control him. To kill a gunslinger, just send him or her to fight a bear or a group of bandits alone.



  • Make sure you always have enough gunslingers to defend your town.
  • Repair the pawn shop so you can purchase a health kit to stop your gunslinger from dying all the time.
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Upgrading lawmen

Drag a Sheriff or Deputy to a stable with a horse to upgrade the lawmen for a cost of 30 gold.

Finding the mechanic

You will need as many gunslingers, deputies, and sheriff as you can put together. Post three guns at the top of the town where bandits keep coming from to stop them from getting close to the wood shack. Put the rest of the men at the bottom where the other bandits enter. Later, post at least one person at the gold mine. Meanwhile, use the citizens to do the repairs. Add a few citizens to make sure food is being produced at top rates. Use the hero to gather resources laying around, such as wood and gold.


When playing the mini challenges through the sheriff's office, build a second or third sheriff's office and hire lots of deputies to defeat the two bandit camps. Use your hero first to run through the entire area, picking up first aid boxes, dynamite and gun upgrades. Make sure everyone is upgraded before going after the bandit camps. Go directly to the camps. Do not stop to fight every group or you will lose some fighters unnecessarily.

Trading post challenge reward

Complete level to unlock the hidden building butter churn. During the final stages, do not build a farm or ranch. It is a waste of resource and time. Hunt the rabbits for food and keep the fishes and berries for the quick food gathering quest. It is also better to build tents instead of a log cabin. Not only is it cheaper, but it requires less time to build overall.

"Drill Recovery": Finding the hidden key and getting the gold

In the top right corner there is a gate that requires a key to enter. Take your hero and fish the small pond located directly beside the gate. Once you have the key, open the gate and get the dynamite. Once you have the dynamite, go back to the top left side and blow up the rock blocking the path to the gold stash.

"Earthquake Town": Easy completion

  • Build about three hotels instead of cabins. This will result in less repair and it adds to the town happiness faster. If you are having trouble keeping the population in the 15 to 20 range, build a sheriff's office.
  • Upgrade with "Fortification" before you go in. Your buildings will be much stronger, last longer, and cost less to repair. Additionally, make sure that you have Water Wells very close to all of your structures. This will cause the fires to go out faster. Concentrate on building two Lumber Camps, two Mills, a Trading Post (to exchange wood for gold), and a General Store (to build more trees) in order to get resources faster. Note: In order to have more than 15 citizens, you must hire a Sheriff, however wait until after you have your town up and running.

"Many Recourses": Trees

Build a general store and a train station at the platform. Then, hire a civilian, click the gold, and accept. Note: You cannot accept if you do not have 200 gold and 200 wood. After you finish the quest you will have 500 gold. However, each train that arrives will give you 42 gold. If you have no more trees remaining, buy some seeds at the general store to make some trees.

Perfect gifts

  • Build a flower pot. Click the pot to get the red flower.
  • Mine silver to get a silver ring.
  • Build farms. Change all the crops to carrots. The white rabbit will appear from one of the bar doors, and now can be caught for Micah.
  • Build stables to get a black horse to appear randomly. Save the game before you build a stable. Build a stable, and a black horse does not appear, reload the saved game and try again.

Easy money

Set up the lumber camp as soon as you start; then set up the general store to buy tree seeds and the trading post to sell wood. Buy tree seeds to grow more wood periodically, and keep selling wood. You can buy more than you sell.

Health kits

Repair the pawn shop and you can purchase a health kit to stop your gunslinger from dying all the time.

Wine Shop

Even if the Win e Shop has been unlocked, you will not be able to build it until you are able to grow grapes at your farm. To unlock the grapes you must have two or three planters of flowers. Have a person go to a planter and the color of the flowers will change. Continue doing this until all planters grow purple flowers. You can now grow grapes at your farm. Once you grow the grapes you can build the wine shop.

Easter Eggs

To unlock the Easter Eggs task, build two ranches with chickens. You will then get the Easter Egg task.

Hidden key

To open the gate in the top left corner, chop down the big tree. You will find a map which tells you about a hidden key. You can find it in the cave entrance in the river bottom left. Then, go to the stone circle at about the middle of map on right side and build a well. Jump into it and you will come out in the little waterhole with the old house.