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Wheel Of Fortune Platinum

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
tg, ierirl

Chocolate Heart: Post a Valentine's Achievement on Facebook.
Cupid's Arrow: Invite a friend to play a Game Center Multiplayer game.
Egotist: Solve all puzzles in a TV Show game.
Gambler: Win the Jackpot.
GRT JB: Solve a puzzle without any vowels.
Hard Nut Cracker: Win TV show on Hard difficulty.
How did you know?: Don't get any letters wrong.
Jackpot Victor: Win a Jackpot Round.
Love is Everywhere: Play in the Valentines Event.
Love is Full of Surprises: Win the Valentine's special wedge.
Mysterious: Win $10,000 from the Mystery Wedge.
Mystery Victor: Win a Mystery Round.
One by One: Uncover all letters in the puzzle.
One Shot Millionaire: Win the Million Dollar grand prize.
Piece of Cake: Win TV show on Easy difficulty.
Self Made: Get a total career cash of 1 million dollars.
Serious Player: Win TV show on Medium difficulty.
Shopping Spree: Buy all vowels in a puzzle.
Special Winner: Win a Themed Event.
Speedy: Win a Speed-Up Round.
Spinning Addict: Spin the wheel five times in a row.
The cherry on top: Win a Bonus Round.
Valentine's Achievement: Play a Game Center Multiplayer game.
Warming Up: Win a Toss-Up Round.
Who Needs Letters: Solve a puzzle with less than 25% of the letters uncovered.