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Where's Wally? (Windows Phone 7)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.
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Red Carpet Rookie (5 points): Complete a Search Puzzle in continuous mode.
Where's Odlaw? (15 points): Completed a game of Odlaw Sweeper.
Speed Demon (15 points): Completed a search puzzle in under 30 seconds.
Whacked (10 points): Beat the computer opponent in Tic-Whack-Wizard on any difficulty.
Shifty (20 points): Completed a slide puzzle in under 45 seconds.
Ultimate Fan (20 points): Completed all search puzzles and mini-games on maximum difficulty.
Deep in Concentration (15 points): Matched all items in Look Closer in 25 or fewer tries on hard difficulty.
Star Searcher (20 points): Found all Watchers.
Woof's Game (5 points): Ended a game of Tic-Whack-Wizard in a tie on hard difficulty.
Intrepid Traveler (15 points): Completed all search puzzles.
The Search Must Go On (20 points): Played a combined total of 100 search puzzles and mini-games.
Trust Me - He's There (20 points): Completed a game of Odlaw Sweeper on hard difficulty without marking any Odlaws.
Curio Collector (20 points): Found all bonus items.