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Wizorb (PSP)

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Easy "Cyrus Superstar" achievement

You will earn a star when you score at least 1,500 points on each world. Each level has the following bonuses that can be added to your score.

+25 Complete: Complete the level.
+50 Perfect: Complete the level without losing a life.
+25 Hoarder: Complete a level with all items.

Each world has the following bonuses that can be added to your score.

+100 Complete: Complete all 12 levels and defeat the Boss.
+1000 Immortal: Complete the world without losing a life.
+100 Frugal: Complete the world without buying any items in shops.

Easy "Fragile" achievement

Play level 10 in Clover Village. You can only enter it from the left side. Bounce the orb with the paddle on the right side to easily get the required amount of orb bounces without breaking anything.
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Easy "Infinite Loop?" achievement

  • Play level 1-10 and use the Amulet power to kill the wolfman at the northwest corner. Waste a ball then use the Teleport power to start the ball in the northwest corner. "Infinite Loop?" will be earned after a short time.
  • Play level 5-8. This can be earned while the orb is hitting and destroying blocks. This level features a row of stone blocks and many tiny blocks. It is possible to get the orb to bounce at the upper part of this level.

Easy "Slime Masher" achievement

Play level 2-2, which features many slimes in an open space or level 2-10 which has two sets of five slimes in very small rooms.

Easy "Telekinesis" achievement

  • Begin game play on a level that has a shop door. Break all the bricks except for one of them. Enter and leave the shop. Hit the last brick without the ball bouncing back to the magic wand. If this is not possible, enter the shop door and try again.
  • Complete the game with all children rescued to unlock the amulet at the "Pause" menu. Replay-the first twelve levels of World 1 and reach the werewolf Boss at the end. Pause game and use the amulet before launching the orb.