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Woody Two-Legs: Attack Of The Zombie Pirates

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Steam achievements

Complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding Steam achievement. To view for "Woody Two-Legs: Attack Of The Zombie Pirates". Choose the "View Stats" option on the drop down list, then choose the option that will list the achievements for your username.

Ghost ship boss: Player has beaten the Ghost ship boss in story mode.
Gold retriever: Player has destroyed 20 enemy ships carrying gold, and picked up the gold box left behind..
Homing magnet: Player has been hit by a homing dolphin 10 times.
Kraken: Player has beaten the first Kraken in story mode..
Kraken Again: Player has beaten the second Kraken in story mode.
Misplacement: Player has ran into own mines 10 times.
Mr. Jones: Player has beaten Mr. Jones in story mode.
Nightmare: Player has unlocked the nightmare difficulty level.
Perfectionist: Complete any level without losing any gold from chest.
Skeleton Boss: Player has beaten the Skeleton boss in story mode.