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World War

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Complete the indicated task in the listed mission to unlock the corresponding item.
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Item Type How obtained
Prisoner Infantry Mission: Tab #1 - Hunt Down Enemies
Cadet Squad Infantry Mission: Tab #1 - Train Armed Forces
Patrol Unit Infantry Mission: Tab #1 - Establish Base Defense
Light Machine Gunner Infantry Mission: Tab #2 - Set Up Military Camp
Avionics Engineers Infantry Mission: Tab #2 - Investigate Wreckage
Bioweapon Scientist Infantry Mission: Tab #3 - Confiscate Bioweapons
Biosoldier Unit Infantry Mission: Tab #3 - Destroy Enemy Lab
Rebel Fighter Infantry Mission: Tab #5 - Capture Enemy Fighters
Nuclear Squad Infantry Mission: Tab #5 - Destroy Nuclear Facility
Stealth Infiltrator Infantry Mission: Tab #5 - Capture Enemy Spies
Mobile Howitzer Cannon Ground Mission: Tab #3 - Repel Counterattack
Wiesel 2 Mortar Unit Ground Mission: Tab #3 - Infiltrate Western Border
M163 Anti-aircraft Vehicle Ground Mission: Tab #3 - Discover Reinforcements
SA-8 Gecko Missile Launcher Ground Mission: Tab #3 - Bombard Enemy Defenses
Koalitcia-SV Artillery Ground Mission: Tab #4 - Take out Supply Depots
NLOS-C Ground Mission: Tab #6 - Defend Position
Patriot Missile System Ground Mission: Tab #6 - Set up Defensive Network
Corvette Water Mission: Tab #2 - Intercept Shipment
Thresher Submarine Water Mission: Tab #4 - Locate Submarines
Nuclear Submarine Water Mission: Tab #6 - Assemble Naval Fleet
Guardian Patrol Boat Water Mission: Tab #4 - Secure Shoreline
Amphibious Command Ship Water Mission: Tab #5 - Disrupt Communications
Zubr Class Hovercraft Water Mission: Tab #6 - Conquer Coastal Base
Raptor Jet Air Mission: Tab #5 - Perform Surprise Attack
Annihilator Fighter Air Mission: Tab #4 - Level Enemy City
SU-34 Fullback Bomber Air Mission: Tab #4 - Air Raid
Eurocopter Tiger Air Mission: Tab #6 - Conquer Enemy Outpost
Dark Sword Aircraft Air Mission: Tab #6 - Force Enemy to Retreat