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Worms Ultimate Mayhem (PC)

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Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Worms Ultimate Mayhem (PC)". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.

Alexander The Worm: Play an online game on each new map and win, proving you're the greatest general.
Billy No Mates: Complete the single player story mode.
Boom Shake The Worm: Win a round using only grenades and bazooka.
Cartographer: Create a random map and have someone save it to their machine.
Challenge Accepted: Take your first steps on the road to glory by completing the first challenge.
Clock Watching: Try and beat all the set times across all the challenges.
Credit To The Nation: Enjoy the game's credits from start to end.
Davey Jones: Drown 50 worms all modes count.
Davey Jones 2: Drown 20 Worms across any of the new maps.
Dedicated Ranker: Can you rise to the challenge and win a ranked Deathmatch on every new map?
Doing It Solo: Complete all Single Player content (Story, Challenges & Tutorials).
Eggceptional: Collect all the Easter Eggs hidden throughout the story mode.
Embrace The Darkness: Win 10 games with the last hit coming from a sentry gun all modes count.
Fan of The Arts: Collect all gallery images available.
Feel The Power of The Darkside: Win a ranked match with two or more worms remaining on each new map.
Finger of Death: Kill 5 worms using prod in ranked matches.
Genghis Worm!: Kill a totatl of 600 worms (all modes count).
Glide Like A Worm: Glide using the parachute in one go for more than 25 seconds.
Grave Digger: Kill a total of 200 worms (all modes count).
Halfway House: Reach the halfway point of the story mode.
I am The Worminator: Kill more than 3 worms in one turn (ranked match only).
I Love New: Play each new map more than 5 times (all modes count).
If You Build It They Will Die: Inflict 2000 damage in total using weapon factory built weapons.
Join Me Luke: Win a ranked Deathmatch on a new map with at least one worm ending with more health than they started with.
Loves a Challenge: Complete all the challenges.
Loves Company: Complete 10 online ranked matches.
Mr Popular: Complete 5 four player games (online or offline).
Nick of Time: Complete one challenge under the required time.
No Challenge At All: Complete the deathmatch challenge.
Pimp My Worm: Creat a team of worms including custom clothes.
Ranked Up: Win 10 online ranked matches.
Shop-a-holic: Purchase the Kitchen Sink game style.
Slide into First: Complete any mission.
Teacher's Pet: Complete the tutorials.
Time Attacked: Beat all the times on the new challenges.
Time For A Challenge: Complete all the challenges.
Total Ranker: Win 50 online ranked matches across any 3 game styles.
Wormicide: Kill a total of 400 worms all modes count.

Character sets

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item set to be purchased for 200 coins.
eyopr nwuv rwdci

Cyborg: Complete the tutorials
Dino: Defeat Team17 in all of the challenges except for deathmatches.
Professer: Complete all the missions in "Story"; does not include Worms 3D campaign.
Wormenstein: Defeat Team17 in all deathmatch challenges.


Easy "Billy No Mates" achievement or trophy

You only need to complete the Mayhem campaign. There are a total of 25 missions to complete, which range from traditional deathmatches to crate collection and destroying targets. There is a time bonus for each of these missions, but you do not need to beat them.

Easy "Boom Shake The Worm" achievement or trophy

Set up an offline Versus mode match between yourself and another team (human or AI controlled). Make sure that only you can use the Bazooka and Grenade during the entire match. The Bazooka is affected by the wind and your aim should be adjusted as such. The Cluster Bomb will not count.

Easy "Cartographer" achievement or trophy

Create a new custom game online and select one of the map options in the "Random" category. During game play, your opponent needs to pause game play and select the "Save Landscape" option.

Easy "Credit To The Nation" achievement or trophy

Select "Local Play" at the main menu, then "Credits". Allow the credits to roll without skipping it.

Easy "Davey Jones" achievement or trophy

It does not matter if the enemy worm is already dead when you hit him on land; as long as he ends up in the water and does not blow himself up to reveal his gravestone, it will count. You can use any mode to accomplish this. Replay mission 24 in the Mayhem campaign and drown the majority of the enemy worms if necessary. Killing your own worms also counts towards the total.

Easy "Eggceptional" achievement or trophy

There are a total of five Easter Eggs in Story mode, in the Mayhem campaign. After finding an Easter Egg, finish the mission (failing will not matter). A notification will appear on screen confirming the discovery, and you will earn a 1,000 coins reward.

  • Mission 5 "Destruct and Serve": On the road to the left of the building that you need to destroy, look for the DeLorean car from the Back to the Future series. Destroy it with any weapon to see a video sequence showing a trail of fire moving down the road.
  • Mission 10 "Nice to Siege You": Move over to the hill that the enemy called "Knight Styk" starts on. Go all the way to the back of it to find a cave. Enter it to see a video sequence showing a worm with sunglasses and bunny ears trying to hide from you.
  • Mission 13 "Tin Can Wally": Start the level, turn around, and shoot the toilet to your right.
  • Mission 18 "Carpet Capers": Start by collecting all nine of the weapon crates. There is a hidden set of diamonds located at the bottom of the tower that the Easter Egg is on top of. Blast a hole in the roof of it, then parachute down.
  • Mission 22 "Escape From Tree-Rex": Feed the Tree-Rex by firing a Bazooka into exactly in the middle of its mouth.

Easy "Embrace The Darkness" achievement or trophy

Play offline in a Versus match. Set up a game using the Pro mode against either another human player or the AI. Pro mode will unlock the Sentry Gun in five turns. Set it so that one round will win the game. Play out the match as normal until there is only one enemy worm remaining. Get it below 50 health and back it up against a wall to increase the chances of a kill. Set up the Sentry Gun a few paces away from him and it will shoot during the enemy's next turn. Set this up and repeat it a total of ten times.

Easy "Fan of The Arts" achievement or trophy

There are a total of 35 gallery images that have to be unlocked by completing missions in the Worms 3D Campaign. You can play the missions in any order:

Concept Image #1: Complete "D-Day.
Concept Image #2: Complete "Crate Britain.
Concept Image #3: Complete "Grave Danger.
Concept Image #4: Complete "A Leek in a Vegetable Patch.
Concept Image #5: Complete "Ice, Ice, Maybe.
Concept Image #6: Complete "When Annelids Collide.
Concept Image #7: Complete "Rum Deal.
Concept Image #8: Complete "Earn Your Crust.
Concept Image #9: Complete "Apple Core Island.
Concept Image #10: Complete "Helter Skelter.
Concept Image #11: Complete "Take My Cherry.
Concept Image #12: Complete "In Space, No-One Can Hear You Clean.
Concept Image #13: Complete "Shiver Me Timbers.
Concept Image #14: Complete "Falling For You.
Concept Image #15: Complete "Crop Circle.
Concept Image #16: Complete "Tree Village Trouble.
Concept Image #17: Complete "Movie Mayhem.
Concept Image #18: Complete "Worm and the Beanstalk.
Concept Image #19: Complete "School's in for Summer.
Concept Image #20: Complete "High Stakes.
Concept Image #21: Complete "A Quick Fix.
Concept Image #22: Complete "All Cooped Up.
Concept Image #23: Complete "Trial of the Damned.
Concept Image #24: Complete "Showdown at the OK Corale Reef.
Concept Image #25: Complete "Plaice Holder.
Concept Image #26: Complete "Hook, Line and Skimmer.
Concept Image #27: Complete "Nobody Rides For Free.
Concept Image #28: Complete "Hold Until Relieved.
Concept Image #29: Complete "To Boldly Go.
Concept Image #30: Complete "Beautiful Balloon.
Concept Image #31: Complete "A Good Night's Sleep.
Concept Image #32: Complete "Beefcake Breakfast Brawl.
Concept Image #33: Complete "Costa Del Danger.
Concept Image #34: Complete "Ragnarok and Roll.
Concept Image #35: Complete "Alien Juice Suckers.

Easy "Finger of Death" achievement or trophy

The Prod is a weapon that will give the enemy worm a small nudge in the intended direction and deal no damage. The best way to kill enemy worms with this would be to drown them. Your opponent must be on the very edge of the landscape before prodded. You can also try prodding enemy worms from high distances to inflict falling damage on them or nudging them into mines.

Easy "Glide Like A Worm" achievement or trophy

  • Play mission 18, "Carpet Capers", in the Mayhem campaign. You will start on a very high building and need to parachute down to collect weapon crates. Glide down from this starting building, then go around the base in a spiral for longer than 25 seconds. Watch your turn time to determine how long you have been airborne. After 25 seconds, choose a building and land on it.
  • Play mission 18, "Worm and the Beanstalk", in the Worms 3D campaign. Complete the mission as usual using the parachute and land correctly.

Easy "Halfway House" achievement or trophy

There are a total of 25 story missions in the Mayhem campaign, and you need to complete everything through mission 13.

Easy "Mr Popular" achievement or trophy

Have four players in the lobby before starting the match. Finish the match (winning is not necessary). This can also be earned offline in a Versus mode match.

Easy "I am The Worminator" achievement or trophy

Play a three or four player match to have a greater number of enemy worms on the field. Drop Dynamite or another high explosive weapon among a group of worms. A minimum of four worms must be killed. This will be more effective if you first poison the enemy worms to drain their health. To do this, use a Grappling Hook to pull explosive barrels towards enemy worms, then blow them up to poison them with radioactive material. You can also use a Gas Canister or Poison Arrow, or a custom weapon with poison capabilities from the factory. You can also try using the Shotgun and kill multiple enemies with just two shots, especially if they are near mines or explosive barrels. A well placed Airstrike can also get the job done.

Easy "If You Build It They Will Die" achievement or trophy

Access the weapon factory by selecting "Local Play" at the main menu then "Create/Edit Weapon". The weapon factory is where you can build your own weapons. You can set the aesthetics of the weapon, how it is launched, the amount of damage that it will inflict, and other miscellaneous properties. When ready, select an online or offline mode and accumulate damage with your weapon.

Easy "Loves a Challenge" achievement or trophy

Select "Local Play" at the main menu, then "Challenges". You have to completing a set of requirements in the fastest way possible. You do not need to beat Team 17's times unless you wish to unlock additional items in the Shop (for the "Shop-A-Holic" achievement or trophy). The challenges are as follows.

Sniper Rifle Challenge
  • Time: 2 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Strategy: Use the radar to identify your next target. Zoom in and out to acquire the targets more easily.
Jet Pack Challenge
  • Time: 2 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Strategy: Go slow and steady and gently tap the thrust to make sure you do not fly past or miss any crates.
Super Sheep Challenge
  • Time: 1 Minute 30 Seconds
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Strategy: This requires mastering how the Super Sheep is controlled. Change the pitch of the sheep if he starts to roll over to the side too much.
Icarus Potion Challenge
  • Time: 3 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Strategy: The Icarus Potion is very difficult to control. Quickly tap [Jump] three times in quick succession every second. When launching, perform a front flip then start tapping [Jump] at the apex of your jump. Control where your worm flies and ascend to very high places to ensure that it does not fly into the wall and lose his wings.
Shotgun challenge
  • Time: 1 Minute 30 Seconds
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Strategy: Try to take out the targets as they are descending. The only target that you may have trouble with is the one at the very top of the building. Be patient wait for your gun to steady before firing.
Accuracy Challenge
  • Time: 2 Minutes 45 Seconds
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Strategy: Adjust your trajectory and aim up slightly of where you want the arrow to hit. You do not have to score a direct hit, due to the range of the poison. You will have to hit all twelve of the worms to finish.
Navigation Challenge
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Strategy: Make use of your backflip, but do not over-jump the crate and fall off. If you do, restart the challenge.
Crate Collect Challenge
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time: 2 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • Strategy: Start by collecting the two crates in front of you, followed by the two to your left and right. Move over to the plant towards the right of the last crate and backflip up and onto the building with the colorful sun guards sticking out of it. Collect the crate here, then jump onto the palm tree. Turn left and jump onto the next building, making sure that you collect the crate located there. Make your way to the next crate in front of you, being careful not to fall down. Make your way back, then jump onto the outer wall of the landscape.. You can collect the rest of the crates by moving along this wall and using the backflip to access them.
Deathmatch Challenges
  • Difficulty: Increasing Difficulty
  • Strategy: Retreat to cover after you have fired your shot. Do not waste all of your powerful weapons at once, and try to drown the enemy worms whenever possible for an instant kill.

Easy "Loves Company" achievement or trophy

Complete ten online matches, either winning or losing. Allow the game to return to the lobby when the game is over to ensure that it is counted.

Easy "Pimp My Worm" achievement or trophy

Select "My Worms" at the main menu, then "Customise", and "Create Team". A menu for assembling a new team of worms will appear. There are three screens of options to complete. You have to set something for each one. Set a name for each of your six team members on the first screen. Select a voice for your worms then make sure they have something enabled on their Head, Eyes, Face and Hands on the second screen. Set a special weapon for your team either from the default options available, or make your own in the Weapons Factory; select a Flag for your team from the list; and choose the Gravestone to represent your worms when they die on the third screen. Finally, name your team and confirm it.

Easy "Shop-a-holic" achievement or trophy

Kitchen Sink mode grants you access to all weapons. In order to unlock it, you must purchase all items in the Shop (with the exception of the Loyalty ones that become available if you own other Team 17 games). Complete all Mayhem Campaign missions and beat the Team 17 Challenge times in order to unlock additional items for purchase. You do not have to beat the Time Bonuses for the missions in the campaign; however doing so will award additional coins to spend in the Shop. You can also obtain coins by beating your best time in the missions and challenges.

Easy "Slide into First" achievement or trophy

Complete the "Diner Might" mission in Story mode. Do not worry about the enemy worms, and only focus on the TNT Barrels that they are standing next to. Destroy all four of them with any weapon to complete the mission.

Easy "Teacher's Pet" achievement or trophy

Select "Local Play" at the main menu, then "Tutorial". You must complete the Worminkle University, Unsporting Behaviour, and Mike's Secret Laboratory tutorials.

Easy "Total Ranker" achievement or trophy

You do not need to win 40 matches in each game mode; only a total of 40 in at least three of them. For example, winning 30 Deathmatches, 6 Survivor games, and 4 rounds of Statue Defend would qualify. To do this quickly, have two players and find a ranked game on Homelands. Have both players keep searching for games until you find each other. Start the game and have one player surrender. Other game modes do not t have the surrender option. If playing in one of those modes, have the losing player kill or damage one of their worms, wait until the next turn, then leave. This will count as a win for the other player.