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Yar's Revenge (Xbox 360)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Yars' Revenge (20 points): Defeated Queen Raktamalina.
Multiple-Madness (20 points): Get your multiplier above 100 on Normal or Hard.
Reaper (15 points): Beat a level in Hardcore Mode without dying.
Hardcore (30 points): Complete all levels in Hardcore Mode.
Bee (25 points): Beat the game using only the pulse laser on Normal or Hard.
Cockroach (25 points): Beat the game without dying on Normal or Hard.
Gnat (10 points): Beat a level without taking damage on Normal or Hard.
Mosquito (10 points): Kill (1000) enemies with missiles.
Wasp (10 points): Kill (500) enemies with the railgun.
Beetle (15 points): Beat a boss using only the pulse laser on Normal or Hard.
Boom! (10 points): Kill 20 or more enemies in one shot with the Zorlon Cannon.
Cloned (10 points): Beat every level in Co-Op Mode.

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Yar's Revenge T-shirt (male): Press Start at the title screen.