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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Orange Belt (5 points): Burn 100 calories.
Green Belt (10 points): Burn 600 calories.
Blue Belt (10 points): Burn 1500 calories.
Purple Belt (20 points): Burn 3000 calories.
Red Belt (30 points): Burn 6000 calories.
Brown Belt (40 points): Burn 15,000 calories.
Black Belt (50 points): Burn 50,000 calories.
1 Black Star (60 points): Burn 100,000 calories.
Creature of Habit (20 points): Burn at least 100 calories per week for 4 consecutive weeks.
3,2,1, go! (5 points): Complete any 1-player Activity.
Head in the Game (10 points): Complete 3 types of 1-player Activities.
In it to Win It (10 points): Complete 5 types of 1-player Activities.
Playing for Keeps (15 points): Complete 10 types of 1-player Activities.
Addicted to Fun (20 points): Complete 20 types of 1-player Activities.
Going Pro (40 points): Complete all 1-player Activities available.
Let's Get Hot! (10 points): Complete every type of Warm Up.
I Go Out Running (30 points): Finish every race in every city.
I Get Around (10 points): Complete every type of 1-player Activity.
Try-Out (5 points): Complete any Class.
Triple Threat (10 points): Try and finish 3 types of Classes.
The Keener (10 points): Try and finish 5 types of Classes.
Teacher's Pet (15 points): Try and finish 10 types of Classes.
Head of the Class (20 points): Try and finish 20 types of Classes.
Graduate (40 points): Try and finish all available Classes.
Valedictorian (10 points): Try and finish every type of Class.
Safari, So Good! (10 points): Complete an African Rhythms Class.
Track your progress online (5 points): Check your progress on (If in Asia, access the My Stats section.).
Be part of the community (5 points): Subscribe to an event on (If in Asia, play any multi-player activity in-game.).
Ready Steady Go! (5 points): Create/accept a challenge on (If in Asia, complete a Run the World challenge.).
Consistent Contender (25 points): Earn 3 stamps a week, for 4 weeks straight.
Fitness Scout (10 points): Collect 5 different badges.
Meritorious (60 points): Collect every badge.
Bring on the Bling (10 points): Collect 5 different Medals.
Solid Gold (50 points): Collect all Medals.
Complete a G Series FITâ„¢ Workout (5 points): Complete Gunnar Peterson's Workout.
Goal-getter (40 points): Complete an Objective.
Beautiful Beginnings (5 points): Complete any Workout.
Three's Company (10 points): Complete 3 types of Workouts.
Variety is Spice (10 points): Complete 5 types of Workouts.
Decathlete (15 points): Complete 10 types of Workouts.
Olympian (20 points): Complete 20 types of Workouts.
Bring It On! (40 points): Complete all available Workouts.
The Whole Package (10 points): Complete every type of Workout.
The Spartan (5 points): Burn 300 calories.
First 1K (10 points): Burn 1000 calories.
Jump Around! (10 points): Complete a Jump Rope 1-player Activity.
2 Black Star (65 points): Burn 150,000 calories.
3 Black Star (70 points): Burn 200,000 calories.

Bundle Pack: Back in Shape Lose It And Jump Rope

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