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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009

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Tournament Level 1

Unlock fifteen Level 1 tournament opponents.

Tournament Level 2

Unlock fifteen Level 2 tournament opponents.

Tournament Level 3

Unlock fifteen Level 3 tournament opponents.

Tag tournament

Unlock twenty Tag opponents in WC mode.

Jack's duel runner frame (Wheel of Fortune)

Complete all battle races with an "S" rank.

Yusei's duel runner frame

Complete all time attack races with an "S" rank.

View mode

Have 80.0% of all cards. This mode allows you to view the CPU battle itself.

Tag View mode

Have 80.0% of all cards and Tag Mode unlocked.

Recipe mode

Have 90.0% of all cards. Recipe mode allows you to duel against your own deck recipes.


Have 90.0% of all cards. The Banlist allows you to use a Forbidden card in your deck.

Security Helmet

Have 85.0% of all cards.

Duel Disks

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding disk.

Academy Disk Blue: Win ten wireless duels.
Academy Disk Red: Win the level 1 tournament.
Academy Disk Yellow: Win the tag tournament.
Black Jail Disk: Win the level 2 tournament.
K.C. Mass Production Disk: Located in the Detention Center in story mode.
Leo's Custom Disk: Defeat Luna and Leo in tag duel ten times.
Luna's Custom Disk: Have ten duels end in ties.
Wheel of Fortune Disk: Complete Story mode.
Yusei's Hybrid Disk: Defeat Yusei ten times.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume.

Dark Magician: Defeat both Dark Magicians in the Duel Runner Store five times.
Dark Magician Girl: Defeat Narumi and Salida Noula five times each.
King Replica Model (Jack Atlas): Defeat Jack Atlas in Turbo duel ten times.
Rock 'n Roller: Found during Story mode.
Rough Style: Unlock all single duelists in World Championship.
Security Uniform: Have 85% of Total Collection.
Stuffed Collar Uniform: Unlock all tag duelists in World Championship.
Suit Style: Have 100% Card Completion.
Wild Style: Defeat all Story mode Duelists at least three times and unlock all World Championship CPU Single and Tag mode opponents.
Witch's Dress: Defeat Akiza ten times.
Yusei Jacket: Defeat Yusei in Turbo Duel ten times.

Single duel opponents

Some opponents can be unlocked by defeating them in Story mode five times. Complete the following tasks to unlock the remaining single duel opponents. Note: If a requirement requires summoning, the summon must appear in the Duel Result to count.

Alien Overlord: Buy all the center parts of the D Wheel.
Antique Gear Ultimate Golem: Summon Antique Gear Ultimate Golem.
Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler: Summon Arcana Force Ex - The Dark Ruler.
Barbaros: Accumulate 200 hours of game play.
Blue Eyes White Dragon: Summon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
Bryonac - Ice Dragon Boundary: Synchro Summon 200 times.
Colosal Fighter: Buy all the front parts of the D Wheel.
Dark Armed Dragon: Summon Armed Dragon Level 10.
Doom Dozer: Buy all the rear parts of the D Wheel.
Dragon D End: Summon D Hero Bloo-D.
E HERO Dark Gaia: Use 300 Speed Spell.
E HERO Hell Gainer: Accumulate 50 hours of game play.
Endymion: Win all single tournaments once each.
Exodios: Win using Exodios' effect.
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus: Summon Heraklinos.
Horus Level 8: Use magic card 750 times.
Jinzo Ningen - Psycho Lord: Use Trap card 500 times.
Judgment Dragon: Special Summon 1,000 times.
Light And Darkness Dragon: Accumulate 100 hours of game play.
Montage Dragon: Complete all five duel puzzles in Story mode.
Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode: Summon Stardust Dragon/Assault mode.
Toon Gemini Elf: Buy a Duel Runner for 1,000 DP.
Ultimate Insect Level 7: Summon Perfect Ultimate Great Moth.
Venominaga: Summon Venominaga.
Yubel: Summon Yubel Das Extremer Traurig Drachen (third form).

Tag duel opponents

Some opponents can be unlocked by defeating tag teams in Story mode five or ten times. Complete the following tasks to unlock the remaining tag duel opponents for World Championship mode. Note: If a requirement requires summoning, the summon must appear in the Duel Result to count.

Abyss Soldier and Neo Daedalus: Have at least 10,000 DP.
Breaker Magical Warrior and Marauding Captain: Listen to the tag explanation in Story mode.
Cyber Dragon and Drillroid: Summon Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill.
Cyber End Dragon and Chimeratech Overdragon: Reach at least 20,000 Attack Points.
Dark Armed Dragon and Dark Monarch Gaius: Win the Tag Tournament three times.
DD Survivor and Wind Monarch Raiser: Riding Duel 200 times.
E Hero Airman and D Hero Devilguy: Riding Duel 100 times.
Exodia and Tragodiea: Win using Exodia's effect.
FGD and Cyber Dark Dragon: Summon FGD.
Golgar and Venominaga: Win using Venominaga's effect.
Horseytail and Gokipon: Listen to the tag explanation in Story mode.
Horus lv 8 and Silent Swordman lv 5: Win five times against twenty tag pairs in World Championship mode.
Medium of Ice Boundary and Flamevell Baby: Tag Duel 150 times.
Mist Valley Soldier and Red Dragon Archfiend-Assault Mode: Summon Red Dragon Archfiend-Assault Mode.
Rainbow Dark Dragon and Fire Wagon: Summon Rainbow Dark Dragon.
Raioh and Batteryman Charger: Win five times against ten tag pairs in World Championship mode.
Ruin and Demise: Win using Final Countdown.
Simorgh Divinity and Simorgh Ancestry: Tag Duel 50 times.
Spirit Reaper and Necrofear: Win using Destiny Board.
The Splendid Venus and Summoned Skull: Win Tag Tournament five times.
Super Conductor Tyranno and Ultimate Tyranno: Tag Duel 200 times.

Tag partners

Duel the indicated character ten times and agree to be their partner to unlock them for teaming with in World Championship Tag Team battles.





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