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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Tag Force

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Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes


Booster packs

Completed the indicated task to unlock the corresponding booster pack.

1. First Monster: Available at start.
2. First Spell-Trap: Available at start.
3. First Fusion: Play after May 7th.
4. First Effect Monsters: Available at start.
5. Step Up Spell-Trap: Available at start.
6. Step Up Fusion: Play after May 7th.
7. Anti Effect: Pack 4, 5, 6 has at least 80% collected.
8. Life Breaker: Pack 4, 5, 6 has at least 80% collected.
9. Go Go Direct: Pack 4, 5, 6 has at least 80% collected.
10. Visitor From The Dark: First stage Monday.
11. Emergent Fire: First stage Tuesday.
12. Water Of Life: First stage Wednesday.
13. Gift Of Wind: First stage Thursday.
14. Platinum Light: First stage Friday.
15. Earth Dwellers: First stage Saturday.
16. Lucky Economy Pack: First stage Sunday.
17. Endless Thoughts: Player over level 5.
18. Flip The Picture: Player over level 10.
19. Equip Me: Player over level 15.
20. More Eternal Memories: Player over level 20.
21. Speed King: Player over level 25.
22. Spice of Duel: Player over level 30.
23. Fairy's Sky: Player over level 35.
24. Dragon Drive: Player over level 40.
25. Fiend Night: Player over level 45.
26. Skillful Spellcasters: At least five characters cleared all three stages.
27. Cold Skin: 50% collected at the Duel Ranking.
28. Ritual Dance: Player play time more than 20 hours.
29. Symbol 50: Player over level 50.
30. Wave Of The Future: Ten consecutive wins.
31. Good Ol' Days: Ten consecutive losses.
32. Hero Emerges!: Have the best relation with Yuki Judai.
33. A Machines Soul Never Sleeps: Have the best relation with Sho Marufuji.
34. Beast Kingdom: Have the best relation with Hayato Maeda.
35. Maidens Heartbeat: Have the best relation with Tenjoin Asuka.
36. Never Give Up: Have the best relation with Manjoume Jun.
37. Warriors Pyramid: Have the best relation with Daichi Misawa.
38. Technology Master: Have the best relation with Ryo Marufuji.
39. Bit Players: Use the characters in page two to finish stages 2 and 3.
40. Vanilla Gloom: Using the characters in page three to finish stages 2 and 3.
41. Tag Survivor: Enter stage 2.
42. Princeton Power: Clear stages 2 and 3 with the Manjoume Brothers (No. 5, 28, 29).
43. Approach the Hotties: Clear stages 2 and 3 with Mindy (No. 20).
44. Dorothy's Soul: Clear stages 2 and 3 with Dorothy (No. 027).
45. Sadie's Soul: Clear stages 2 and 3 with Sadie (No. 026).
46. Midday Constellation (Noon Star): Enable cheat code (see above).
47. Double Triple Destiny Draw: Buy the Golden Egg.
48. Checkered Flag: Have over 90% cards collected.


Easy DP

Go to Free Duel mode and use a deck that uses as many cards that reduce your opponents as possible. Set the rules so that you and your opponent's LP are 2,000. Then, play them all from your hand for an easy win. Do this against a Obelisk Blue Girl for the biggest bonus. Use Tremendous Fire, Restructor Revolution, Ookazi, Final Flame, Hinotama, and even Sparks to achieve this.
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Getting a Tagforce partner

Find one of the seven people to be your partner (Jaden, Syrus, Chumley, Alexis, Chazz, Bastion, and Zane). Duel the one that you want to be your partner. After you win and get your DP you will hear a ringing sound. This indicates that you have gained trust. Go to the database in your Slifer red dorm room. Go to list of duelists. You will see the duelist you have defeated. Notice the heart shapes next to them. This is the trust meter. The closer you are from filling the eight hearts, the more likely they will be your partner. If the duelist you defeated does not ring after you win, then skip a day so that it does. One duel equals one sixth of a heart.

Use the following trick to get a Tag Force partner with sandwiches. In your room is a book icon. Select it and choose "Database" then "List Of Duelists". A long small bar with small hearts that increases with every action you made with the main characters will appear. Every Sunday you can duel in tag team with the higher heartbar character. Besides dueling and winning, you must talk to a desired one and give him or her sandwiches. Talk to them and choose from the first three topics. If you choose the academy, when something good happened as well to a desired character, his relationship heart bar will increase. You can deduct this sometimes, if you ask others and choose the rumors option. Sometimes they will tell you if something good or bad has happened to anyone in particular. Avoid talking with someone when they had unfavorable situations (even though they have particular feelings about some kind of sandwiches) To give a sandwich, keep pressing R and select item with Square in front of the chosen one. Just avoid giving them something that they do not like. Picking a sandwich can be difficult at first, but it takes some time to have a desired one. Jaden prefers curry, cook, fermented soybean. Syrus prefers vegetables, fruits, and girl preferred sandwiches. Chumley likes almost anything. Zane likes golden egg and sometimes Destiny sandwich. Bastion likes ham, steak, and all animal related food. Alexis girl prefers jam, grapes, and tangerines. Chazz likes delicatessen (lobster or caviar). This will increase the relationship as well and, in the case of the golden egg with Zane, your relationship will increase more than only dueling. Search for Pharaon and give him any kind of sandwich. He will start following you. When you talk with them, or someone who is upset with you, he or she will have more tendency to talk to you increasing your relationship with that character as well.

Fight Jinzo

At 11:00 p.m. go to the forest. Turn left to go to the power substation. In the middle you will see Jinzo and be able to fight him. Note: His deck is mostly about using Malice doll and Ectoplasmer to his advantage. Use something that destroys continuos spells.

Defeating Kagemaru

Have a deck filled with spells and traps such as Magic Cylinder, Dark Hole, Lightning Vortex, Swords of Revealing Light, and Spellbinding Circle. Due to these cards, it would be best to have some deck thinning cards such as Pot of Greed, Jar of Greed, etc., which are best used in an Exoida/field control deck. Basically, use some remove from play traps on the Sacred Beasts that he might summon and use their attack against the CPU (Magic Cylinder, Snatch Steal, Blast Sphere, etc.). After you defeat Kagemaru you will fight him once more. After that you will have successfully finished Part 3 and will acquire one of each Sacred Beast card.

Cyber Dragon

Go to the lab and convert 99 cards to get a Cyber Dragon.

Pot Of Greed

Get a Golden Egg Sandwich and you will unlock the Drawing Pack. Get a Box Worth and you will most likely get an ultra rare Pot Of Greed.

Getting the cards you want from the store

When you are going to spend your DP on Booster Packs, save the game and go to the store. By doing this, if you get a booster pack with cards you do not like, you can restart the PSP and go back to the store without losing DP. This can be extremely useful when buying the booster packs that are worth 5,000 DP.


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