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Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour

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Cheat Codes


Wing Koriboh cards

Have the Game Boy Advance game Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Duel Academy in the cartridge slot to start with get three Wing Koriboh cards. [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2]


Puzzle solutions


Pack lists

Register as a duelist

After defeating a duelist eight times, he or she will ask you if they can register you as a duelist. If you say "Yes", you can chose whether or not you want to play them the next time you encounter them.

Rock, paper, scissors

When dueling against an opponent, when you do rock, paper, scissors remember what you did in a previous duel and use the one that can defeat what you used last time.

Easy KC and experience

Duel Tea Gardner as many times as possible until she asks you to be your friend. Answer "Yes" and you will be able to duel her non stop until evening. To get more KC and experience, try this with other feeble or weak characters, such as Serenity and Mokuba.

Never duel difficult duelists

All the easy duelists are out in the daytime. When it turns to evening, walk to your house and go to the shop. Do this until it turns to night. Go to your house and sleep. It will be morning again and you can duel easier duelists once more.

Getting desired cards

When you are in the house, save the game. Go to the store and make sure you have enough money to buy a pack of cards. If the card you want is not in the pack, turn of the DS. Turn the game on again and you will end up at the house. Go back to the store. You will have your money again. Repeat this until getting the desired card.

Recommended deck

One of the best decks is to make is an all around dark deck.



At the Duel Base, Roland says "Duerist" instead of "Duelist".

In the description for "Humanoid Worm Drake" (fusion monster with ATK/2200 DEF/2000) for the list of monsters needed for the fusion, it reads:


Aqua Chorus card

If you unlock the card "Aqua Chorus" and look carefully at its name, it reads "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" on the card instead of "Aqua Chorus".

Blue Medicine card

The description of the card reads that both you and your opponent gain 400 LP. However, when after the card is played only you do.

Sage's Stone card

The description of the card Sage's Stone reads "Sage's Jewel", but on the actual card itself it has the correct name.

Deck Destruction Virus and Deck Devastation Virus cards

On the card Deck Destruction Virus, it shows the picture and description of Deck Devastation Virus and vice-versa. However, when they are played they use the effect of the card named at the top of the screen.

Maximillion Pegasus disappears

In the North American version of the game, Maximillion Pegasus will not appear after defeating Odion. Get his deck recipe and trade cards with him before he leaves or you will be stuck with an incomplete recipe.

Wrong card name

In your trunk, look at the card picture for "Aqua Chorus" (trap). It reads "Blue Eyes White Dragon" instead of "Aqua Chorus". This also happens with other cards.


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