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Yu-Gi-Oh! Power Of Chaos: Kaiba The Revenge

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Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Get at least two Mystical Sheep, Kajezin, and Monster Reborn. Summon Kajezin and wait until he summons Blue Eyes White Dragon. When he attacks, Kajezin uses Kajezin effect against his Blue Eyes White Dragon that makes its attack 0 and it will be destroyed. Then use Monster Reborn and wait until you get Polymezeration and two Mystical Sheep. Do not summon it, but instead activate Polymeziration. You can now use Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Opponent's trap card

Use the following trick to find out if there is a Spellbinding Circle or Two Pronged Attack trap card in your opponent's field. First, there must be one or more card set (on reverse position) on your opponent's Spell and Trap Card Zone. Next, place one or more trap card(s) on your own field. It must be a monster affecting trap card such as Waboku, Trap Hole, etc., and not a spell affecting trap card such as Anti Raigeki. Finally, place one or more monster on your own field. Once your opponent sets or summons a monster on his field, you will see the prompt "Your opponent set/summoned a monster. Do you wish to activate a quick play spell or trap card?" Even if you do not want to activate it, answer "Yes". Instead of activating your trap card, hover your pointer on your opponent's reversed trap/spell card. If there is a Spellbinding Circle or more on his field, you will see the word "Activate!" appear when you hover over it. Also, even though it is your opponent's Spellbinding Circle, you can activate it if desired. Click it and your opponent will bind one of your monsters. You can do this if you want to summon a tribute monster but you do not want it to be destroyed, if the trap card your opponent put happens to be a Trap Hole. If your opponent only had one trap card on his Spell and Trap Card Zone and it is Spellbinding Circle that binds one of your monsters once you activate it, you can just use the monster it binds as tribute. If you do not want to activate it, press [Esc] or Right Click to cancel.


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