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Zeno Clash

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Create a file named "autoexec.cfg" in the "ZenoClashzenozoikcfg" folder in the game directory. Place the following lines in that file.

sv_cheats "1"
con_enable "1"
bind "`" "toggleconsole"

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
God mode god

Malstrum Mansion

Press [Up] [Down] [Up] [Up] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Down] [Down] at the main menu.


Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Zeno Clash". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.

Almost Number One: Bring the Hunter down to 1 healthpoint in melee combat.
Animal Cruelty: Kill 50% of the harmless animals in the game.
Body Launcher: Throw an enemy into another.
Door Hater: Annoy the man behind the door.
Easter Egg: Find the secret easter egg. (Video)
Flame Master: Capture 30 fireballs with the torch.
Heavy Brawler: Defeat a heavy enemy without getting hit.(Video)
Light the Path: Ignite all pyres.
Metamoq's pupil: Learn all advanced combat techniques.
Monocrome Adventurer: Input the Malstrum's Mansion secret code.
Street Fighter: Beat the game without using weapons unless it is absolutely necessary.
Target Practice: Shoot 21 Mucalosaurus Worshippers from the boat.
Tower Champion -1: Complete tower challenge number -1.
Tower Champion -2: Complete tower challenge number -2.
Tower Champion -3: Complete tower challenge number -3.
Tower Champion 1: Complete Tower Challenge Number 1.
Tower Champion 2: Complete Tower Challenge Number 2.
Tower Champion 3: Complete Tower Challenge Number 3.
Tower Champion 4: Complete Tower Challenge Number 4.
Tower Champion 5: Complete Tower Challenge Number 5.
Untouchable: Land 50 deflect kicks.
Zenozoik Adventurer: Complete the game.


Easter Eggs

Play Chapter 4, "Corwid Of The Free". While you are in the cage during the second scene, face the large monster then look at the tree behind and to the left of you. Easter Eggs should be visible under the tree.
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Easy "Animal Cruelty" achievement

During game play, you will encounter chickens running around as well as pigs in a pen. Kill them all to increment the counter for this achievement. Most of the time you will need to do this in mid-battle. You cannot earn this in one playthrough. Restarting a fight sequence and killing the targets repeatedly should also work. An easy location to increment your counter is the initial dream sequence, where Metamoq instructs you to first kick, then shoot chickens for practice. Another location is the pig pen at the end of Chapter 8. Note: Animals killed in the Tower challenges also will qualify. You can find pigs during the final fight of Tower Challenge 2. Because the heavies may kill them quickly, get the animals first. You can also find them near the end of Tower Challenge 3, after you kill the two heavies at the bottom and before the final challenge.

Easy "Flame Master" achievement

You will encounter enemies in Chapters 9 and 10 that throw purple exploding balls at you and your companion. When close enough, if you swing your "torch" at the correct moment you will absorb the ball. This must be done a total of thirty times in a single run to earn the achievement. If you die and return to a checkpoint, your progress will returns to its previous value. The enemies spawn in groups, behave erratically and usually target Deadra. Move around and position yourself next to her. The enemies in Chapter 9 do not respawn, and the ones in Chapter 10 shoot less often. It is easier try this in Chapter 9, by using each enemy to progress as long as possible. Leave only one enemy, use it to progress until you are low on health, then heal and find the next group. To catch the ball, keep some distance so you can see it coming, then sidestep, turn, and swing your "torch". If you miss, the ball should not hit you. If the enemy gets too close, run around to the other side.

Easy "Street Fighter" achievement

You can use weapons in the following situations:

  • Hitting heavy enemies.
  • Shooting Father-Mother; be careful not to hit any other enemies while doing this.
  • Shooting enemies in unreachable places, for example gate guards, shooters in city, shooters on platforms.
  • Shooting the Hunter in Chapter 6, "Hunter Hunter" and Chapter 16, "Coast". Take care not to shoot the squirrels.
  • Hunting rabbits in Chapter 6, "Hunter Hunter" and Chapter 13, "Found" (although you kick them instead).
  • During the entirety of Chapter 9, "End World" and Chapter 10, "Throne".
  • During Metamoq's initial dream sequence.

To make this easier, play under the lowest difficulty setting. Dying and reloading will keep your progress intact. Animals (birds, dogs, mosquitoes, crabs, squirrels) can be taken out with a kick, punch, or elbow instead of a weapon. When wielding a weapon in an allowable situation, be careful not to hit anything else by accident. To be safe, clear the area first. When fighting a heavy enemy in the presence of lesser enemies, throw the weapon away in a safe direction and take care of them first. During the Chapter 11 boat ride, move back and forth to dodge most of the thrown rocks and do not shoot. Use uppercuts against Chneero the spinning musician for high damage when approached from the front. If you make a mistake and use a weapon when you did not have to, load a saved game to keep your progress intact.

Easy "Tower Champion 5" achievement

During the final one against mother, father and the family, run or walk around. They should not be able to reach you if you keep walking. Waiting for Deidra to kill them slowly from the top. Once all the weakest ones have left the battle, focus my attention on mother and father, shooting with both guns while hiding behind the columns. Be aware of the other big enemy.

Easy "Untouchable" achievement

To execute a "deflect kick", press the Left Mouse Button on a locked-on target after a well-timed block. The timing is loose, and can be done any time they start pulling their arm back for a punch. Repeat this move fifty times in any game mode to earn the achievement. To do this easily, choose a level that can be restarted quickly and features weak opponents that telegraph their attacks, for example Tower Challenge 1.



Tower Challenge


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