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Zenonia 4

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Apprentice Miner (5 points): Acquire 20 Iron.
Apprentice Refiner (10 points): Strengthen 10x.
Challenger (5 points): 10 PVP Victories.
Challenger of Fate (5 points): Defeat Shaturu in Normal mode.
Combiner (5 points): Combine 10x.
Destroyer of Worlds (20 points): Defeat Dragon Warlock in Hard Mode.
Excellent Custodian (15 points): Use Bag Expander.
Execution Addict (15 points): 50 visits to to Den of Trials.
Expert Miner (10 points): Acquire 50 Orhalcon.
Expert Refiner (15 points): Strengthen 50x.
Fairy Tales (10 points): Use 20 Stone of Awakening.
Filthy Rich (20 points): Acquire 1000000 Gold.
Free Your Mind (10 points): 100 PVP Losers.
Friends in Dark (10 points): Talk to Dark Merchant 30x.
Guard Slayer (10 points): Defeat Guards in Normal mode.
He Who Rises (10 points): Use 20 Origin of Life.
Legendary Gladiator (20 points): 1000 PVP Victories.
Legendary Hero (20 points): Reach level 99.
Legendary Workhorse (10 points): Complete 96 Subquests.
Lottery Maniac (20 points): Use 21 Examine Scrolls.
Lucky Guy (10 points): Acquire 7777 Gold.
Magic Tower Slayer (10 points): Defeat Magic Tower in Hard Mode.
Master Combiner (10 points): Combine 50x.
Master Refiner (20 points): Strengthen 100x.
Mining Maniac (5 points): Acquire Magic Mining Pick.
Most Valuable Player (10 points): Play for 2 hours.
My Eyes are Open (5 points): Reach level 5.
Neverending (20 points): 250 visits to Den of Trials.
Newbie Hero (5 points): Reach level 25.
Number One (15 points): Use 30 Origin of Life.
Ogre Hunter (10 points): Defeat Chimera Ogre in Hard Mode or up.
Overcoming Obstacles (10 points): Defeat Shaturu in Hard Mode.
Regular Customer (5 points): Talk to Innkeeper 20x.
Relentless Hero (10 points): Reach level 55.
Rookie (5 points): 10 PVP Losers.
Seasoned Gladiator (10 points): 100 PVP Victories.
Specialized Hero (15 points): Reach level 80.
Time Slayer (20 points): 50 visits to Continuum Shift.
Time Transcender (20 points): 250 visits to Continuum Shift.
Time Traveler (5 points): Acquire Continuum Rift Unlimited Entry Pass.
Troll Slayer (5 points): Defeat Troll Chemists in Normal mode.
Turtle Hunter (10 points): Kill Giant Turtle in Hard Mode or up.
Wisp Slayer (10 points): Defeat Corrupted Wisp in Hard Mode.
Workhorse (5 points): Complete 48 Subquests.
Zenoniac (20 points): Play for 20 hours.