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Alternate endings

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending.

  • Complete the game with the USB drive item.
  • Forgetting about or dying without the USB drive item acquired and used, then optionally retrieved.
  • Dying on the final area in Survivor mode.

Uplay bonuses

The following bonuses can be unlocked by spending the indicated points in Uplay.

Bonus videos: 30 Points
Cricket bat customization: 20 Points
The Last of Them Multiplayer Game Mode: 40 Points
ZombiU Logo 80s style: 10 Points


Brick Lane Flats: Dee letter

There is a Dee letter in Brick Lane Flats, Old Brick Warehouses behind a door that requires a code to enter. To find the code, step out of the room and look on the window to find an outline of the Raven Dee symbol on the glass. Line up that outline with the inside marking of the symbol on the wall with the cypher lock. Scan it with your tablet to get the code for the door.
epdydrcwi yihd

Warehouse: Raven door code

A door code is required in the warehouse you go through when finding the second book the royal bunker doctor needs. You will not be able to get the code until the Tower of London mission has been completed. You now have the ability to read the Enochian language. Return to the warehouse and clear the area around the keypad. Next, enter the office beside the keypad room. Look through the glass towards the keypad and notice that the Raven of Dee above the keypad door is incomplete. Also there are some incomplete pain marks on the glass. Move around so that they line up, then scan it to get the code. Note: There are four digits spread out in the bunker. Besides the one in the mirror by the door, you can find others by following the trails revealed by your blacklight.

CCTV boxes

Search the indicated locations to find a CCTV box.

  • Bricklane Flats: The box is behind a wall you must destroy with C4.
  • Buckingham Palace: Use C4 to blow up the wall in the underground section. It is next to where you find the pistol with the silencer.
  • Green Park: The box is to the left of top island. Going right will lead you to the tunnel that takes you to the piers at the Tower of London.
  • Tower of London: Go to the area where you drop down into before you unlock the secret passage. Before picking the lock the gate, go to the end of the passage behind you. The box is on left-hand wall.

Regaining weapons and items

If you die before looting your belongings from your former zombie self, your weapons and items will respawn in previously visited areas. Scan the CCTV junction boxes and you can use the safehouse computer to investigate previously visited areas to learn find out if the items have respawned and their locations.

Opening all manhole covers again

After you have obtained the Doc's eye towards the end of the game, return to the safe house. After going through the kitchen, the prepper closes all the fast track routes. However, you can return to each level from the safe house, go to the manhole covers, and re-open them. This lets you fast track to any level again, which makes escaping the palace easier.