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Zombie Farm

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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A Close Fight: Win an invasion with 1 zombie left.
A Grave New World: Collect the Blue Grave and Red Grave.
com.zombiefarm.f..: Win an invasion with no zombie casualties.
Do or Die: Win an invasion after the timer expires.
Easter Island: Collect all Monoliths.
Green Thumb: Have your garden zombie fertilize 100 times.
Grounds Keeper: Unlock all ground upgrades in the market.
Hall of Banners: Collect each enemy's banner.
Master's Degree: All active zombies are Masters.
Minute Man: Win an invasion in under 1 minute.
Mutant Parade: Unlock all zombie mutations.
Ready for Farmin': Complete the farming tutorial.
Ready for Fightin': Complete the invasion tutorial.
Rest In Peace: Unlock the Mausoleum.
So Vivid: Get a Double Rainbow from enemy loot.
Storage Galore: Fully upgrade your storage building.
The Biggest Loser: Lose 10 invasions.
The Corporate Banner: Collect CorporateVille's rare banner.
The Farmer's Banner: Collect Old McDonnell's rare banner.
The Ninja's Banner: Collect The Ninja's rare banner.
The Pirate's Banner: Collect The Pirate's rare banner.
The Rot Pack: Win an invasion with all 6 zombie types present.
Veteran's Day: All active zombies are Veterans.
What's Up Doc: Harvest 1000 carrots.
Zombie Apocalypse: Win an invasion 50 times.
Zombie Domination: Win an invasion with 2 or less zombie casualties.
Zombie Invader: Win an invasion 10 times.
Zombie Ravager: Win an invasion 25 times.
Zombie Survivor: Have the same zombie partcipate in 10 invasions.
Zombie's Got Talent: Collect all zombie abilities.


Easy experience

Plow empty land to gain 1 experience point but lose 10 coins. Sell the plowed land to get the 10 coins back while keeping the experience. This can be repeated as many times as desired, but is less effective in later levels because of the low amount of experience gained.

Fast growing

After planting something that takes a long time to grow (for example, two hours for a tomato or two days for a potato), exit the game. Go to the system settings and advance the time for the amount needed for the plant to grow. Note: This may kill any fast crops if done too long.
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Getting brains

Exit the game, then go to "Settings", then "General", then "Date And Time". Advance one day, then resume the game and check your daily surprise. You will not always get a brain, you will most likely get gold. The amount of gold depends on how many of your friends also have Zombie Farm.

Escape invasions

If you start to lose when invading someone, press Home to escape. You will get all your zombies back when the game is resumed.


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