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Zombie Isle

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Acid Cloud: Use Acid Breath zombies 50 times om battles (10 points).
Acid First Breath: Use the Acid Breath zombie in battle (5 points).
Acid Rain: Win a battle using 6 Acid Breath zombies (20 points).
Acid Storm: Use Acid Breath zombies 100 times in battles (20 points).
Amateur Collector: Trade in 10 collections (10 points).
Apprentice Healer: Use the Shaman zombie in battle (5 points).
Banquet: Find 50 fruits (10 points).
Beach Comber: Find 20 treasures (5 points).
Big Mushroom: Use Radioactive zombie in battle (5 points).
Boomer!: Use Flintlocke zombies 100 times in battles (20 points).
Brain Watcher: Use 50 Brains (20 points).
Captain For Real: Buy your first pirate ship (5 points).
Captain Fortune: Find 15 different Rare Treasures (20 points).
Clean the Shotgun: Use Flintlocke zombie in battle (5 points).
Dead and Deader: Win 25 battles (20 points).
Devastation: Use Radioactive zombies 100 times in battles (10 points).
Digged and Dugged: Complete 10 isles (10 points).
Friend of Hunters: Dig 20 Hunters (20 points).
Green Mushroom: Win a battle using 6 Radioactive zombies (30 points).
Gunpowder Party: Win a battle using 4 Flintlocke zombies (10points).
Head Explosion: Use Hogshead zombie in battle (5 points).
Hog's Squadron: Win a battle using 4 Hogshead zombies (20 points).
Hunter of Hunters: Dig 10 Hunters (10 points).
Indefatigable: Consume 40 Energy packs (30 points).
Jack's Parrow: Win 50 battles (30 points).
Keep On Diggin': Complete 30 isles (30 points).
Killer's Dominion: Use Flintlocke zombies 50 times in battles (10 points).
Light the Fire: Use Fire Zombie (5 points).
Lucky Strike: Find 20 fruits (5 points).
Man-O-War: Win 10 battles (10 points).
Mass Incineration: Use Hogshead zombies 100 times in battles (20 points).
Master of 7 Seas: Buy a Caravel (10 points).
Master of Hunters: Dig 30 Hunters (30 points).
More Diggity: Complete 20 isles (20 points).
Persevering Pirate: Consume 20 Energy packs (20 points).
Port to Port: Capture 6 ports (10 points).
Powder Power: Use Hogshead zombies 50 times in battles (10 points).
Radiation Combo: Use Radioactive zombies 50 times in battles (10 points).
Relic Raider: Find 150 treasures (30 points).
Sailor's Treasures: Find 5 different Rare Treasures (10 points).
Sand Sifter: Find 50 treasures (10 points).
Shamanic Healer: Heal 100 zombies with Shaman (10 points).
Spreading Disease: Infect and create 50 zombies (20 points).
Talented Collector: Trade in 25 collections (20 points).
Treasure Hunter: Find 100 treasures (20 points).
Veteran Collector: Trade in 50 collections (30 points).
Walking Dead: Infect and create 25 zombies (10 points).
Witchdoctor Chief: Heal 200 zombies with Shaman (20 points).