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Zoo Escape

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Use the following steps to complete the game. You can do them in any order and some of them may require more than one attempt.

  • Get a banana from the young boy and put it on the rope above the monkey. At the correct moment, click the monkey and grab the banana.
  • Get the horn out of the stork pond and put it on the stationary rhino. At the correct moment, click it and run it into the other rhino, knocking it into the pond.
  • Take the fish out of the rhino pond and place it in the stork pond. Wait until the fish swims close, then click the nearest stork and grab the fish.
  • Take the stripe off the stationary zebra's back left leg and place in on the other zebra's leg.
  • Get the rope near the entrance. Give it to the crocodile keeper. Click the man at the correct moment to rope the crocodile.
  • Get the soccer ball from the girl at the front entrance. Click the first elephant to get it to move forward then place the soccer ball in front of it. Click the elephant to make a basket.
  • The gates are now open.


Created by tasselfoot.