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Zuma's Revenge! (DSiWare)

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

Ace Ace: Ace 10 levels in Daily Dungeon.
Astronaut: Play all Astro levels.
Blitz Master: Use all Powers in levels.
Boss Buster: Beat all bosses in Boss battles.
Brave of Tiki Island: Beat Adventure Mode.
Chain Star: Get a 30-ball chain.
Combo Hero: Get 5 combos in one game.
Dungeon Master: Complete clear all three challenges in Daily Dungeon.
Fruit Mania: Collect 100 fruits.
Gap Soldier: Get 10 gap shots in one game.
Hall of Fame: Complete Adventure mode without losing a life.
Mastership: Fill out the whole Tiki Temple.
Perfect Attendance: Fill out the Daily Dungeon Calendar.
Time Attacker: Beat Adventure or Boss stage within 1 minute.
Top Scorer: Get a 500,000 high score.

Challenge mode

Complete level 10 in Adventure mode.

Heroic Frog

Complete Adventure mode.

Iron Frog Gauntlet

Complete Adventure mode.

Challenge mode Iron Frog levels

Complete a level in Iron Frog mode to unlock that same level in Challenge mode.

Challenge mode Adventure levels

Complete a level in Adventure mode to unlock that same level in Challenge mode.


Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Easy "My Cup Runneth Over" achievement or trophy

The Ace trophy is rewarded for one challenge difficulty. Each stage of ten levels in Adventure mode in addition to Iron Frog is considered one set of difficulty. The levels will only be available if you have actually completed the level in-game. Thus, you will not be able to accomplish this until you have defeated at least the fourth Boss in Adventure mode. To get the ace trophy, you have to beat the Ace score for each level in that difficulty. Thus, you must beat the Ace scores in forty levels in total, however they cannot be scattered (for example, five in easy and five in insane). To get the Ace trophy you would need ten in easy or ten in insane, for example. To do this easier, get as many multipliers (shiny balls) as possible, and keep chains going as long as possible. Each chain increases your score. Having a long chain and a high multiplier will help in that effort. Dying will cause you to lose your multiplier bonus for the end of the stage. Some levels may require a few attempts. Note: Because you have to complete this in four difficulties in total, just attempt the first four.