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Zuma's Revenge! (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
MuMu mode mumu


Challenge mode

Complete level 10 in Adventure mode.

Heroic Frog

Complete Adventure mode.
buae asmiuaroy

Iron Frog Gauntlet

Complete Adventure mode.

Challenge mode Iron Frog levels

Complete a level in Iron Frog mode to unlock that same level in Challenge mode.

Challenge mode Adventure levels

Complete a level in Adventure mode to unlock that same level in Challenge mode.


Walkthrough (Xbox 360)

Steam achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Ace Ace: Beat Ace Time on 10 unique levels.
Chains of Love: Get a 20x Chain.
Foie Gras: Force feed the God of Pestilence 20 balls in 20 seconds.
Gap Master: Hit a Double Gap Shot.
I Will Survive: Earn at least 25,000 points from a Multiplier Bonus in Challenge mode.
Iron Will: Beat Iron Frog in less than 25 minutes.
Justified and Ancient: Activate MuMu mode.
Multiplicity: Acquire an 11x Multiplier Bonus in Challenge mode.
My Cup Runneth Over: Win an Ace trophy in 4 Challenge Cups.
The Ocho: Acquire 8 fruits using the Proximity Bomb.
We've Got Clearance, Clarence: Get two Clear Curve Bonuses on one level.
Yo Dawg, I Herd U Like Powerups: Trigger a powerup by using the Laser, Lightning or Tri-Shot.
You Want Fries With That?: Beat Heroic Frog mode.
Zhaka MuMu: Complete Adventure mode.