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To unlock your wardrobe, get 2,000 Zchievements.


See objects

Maximize the chat window, then enter one of the following commands to see the corresponding object.

Object Command
Angel //angel
Ball //ball
Book //book
Cat //cat
Crown //crown
Devil //devil
Dog //dog
Mail //mail
Money //money
Puppy //puppy
Rose //rose
Sun //sun
Unknown //bad
Unknown //tele
Unknown //smile
Unknown //good
Unknown //angry

Please submit more details about the unknown information.


Type //afk to use the sleep emote.
nibpch tyarfwy niot

Wake up from sleep

Enter //afb as a chat command.

Campus Dash: rewards

  • Win Campus Dash two times to get a new shirt and pants.
  • Win Campus Dash two times to get a new shirt, pants, and pet.

Life Preserver: Password

Click "Life Preserver" on the Zwinktopia page. Then, enter zafety as a password to enter it.

Omegaad: Rotate picture

When you are in the Omegaad in Zwinkitopia, click anywhere on the wall. Press [Tab] twice then [Enter]. The picture of the flower will start to rotate.

Empty speech bubble

Press [Plus] at the chat window, then press [Enter].

Flying Zwinky

Press [Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] BA and your Zwinky will fly a lap across the screen, then land again. If you execute this command a few times quickly, it may glitch and have your Zwinky slide across the floor or land in a different place. Note: Do not overuse it or you may be kicked off your server. Other people can see you do this trick.

Free items

Go to the safety room by clicking on the red and white safety raft next to the shark fin on the map. Click the television, then do the quiz. If you have enough correct answers you will get free items.

Free premium clothes

Use the following trick if you are a Zwinky member who is just joining or you have a friend who is just joining. Because the wardrobe is fully open to people without accounts yet, make sure you dress up in clothing items that are normally locked or are expensive. Put on one of everything that is locked or costs Zbucks, and you will get free expensive clothes when you join.

Easy money

  • Keep playing the Pizza game. When you finish, select "Cash In". When you are in Zwinky, logout then login again. You will have more money.
  • Play the game Crib Gear every day. Instead of playing, press all the shuffles and get points. Then, click "Quit" to cash the points in. You may not get a lot, but it adds up.
  • Go to the End Zone and play the game. Keep shuffling then wait. After that, click on "Quit". You will get money even though you have not actually played.

ZSI Safety Room quiz

The answers to the quiz is as follows. Complete it to get free items.

1. Say nothing.
2. Alert your parents and/or site administrators.
3. Tell them you can't go.
4. True.
5. Never.

Change skin complexion

When in your wardrobe, click "Skin". Instead of choosing one of the big boxes, click on the little box next to your Zwinky's picture. You can now change the color of your Zwinky's skin to any color desired.


No face

Go to "Masks" and put one on. Then, go to "Face" in wardrobe. Deselect the face that has an "X" in it. Go back to "Masks" and take it off. You should have no eyes, mouth, or nose.