Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts

Kevin Swaim's
Super Ghouls and Ghosts

	1. Story
	2. Basic tips
	3. Weapons
	4. Armors and Magics
	5. Level Strategies
	6. Chests
            7. Goddess Bracelet

1. Story-
	In short; The princess is kidnapped by demons, so you(Knight Arthur) must rescue 
	her. Sounds simple, ehh?

2.Basic Tips-
	-This strategy isn't the only way to play the game, I put down the weapons that I 
	use. You should find a weapon that suits you best.
	-Theres usualy a chest at the beginning of every level. Try jumping around the 
	screen a bit.
	-Most enemies only take one hit to kill so you should pick a rapid firing weapon 
	like the dagger or the arrows.
	-I have never found the fire or sythe weapons to be of any use, try not to pick them 
	-As a begginer you should master the double jump, learn how to control the 
	distance and height. This is trickier than it sounds.
	-The arrows tend to be the most useful weapon, when powered up they become 
	homing missles.
	-Don't insist on killing every enemy, just try to make it to the end of the level
	-if you have bare skin or regular armor on try double jumping, holding down, and 
	firing. you will shoot out the weapon that you have but it wil be blinking multi-
	colors. I don't know if it's stronger or not but it can't hurt
	-For a stage select highlight "exit" on the options screen, now hold start and the L 
	button on controller 2, now press start on controller 1 to get a stage select and 
	sound test screen. If you go to the last level you will fight an incredibly hard giant. 
	if you go to the level before that, you will still have to go through the whole 
	"goddess bracelet" ordeal.

3. Weapons-
	-javalin: this is the weapon you start with, it is all around medium. It flies straight 
	and you can only throw a few at a time.
	-dagger: this weapon is weak but as rapid firing. You should use this weapon 
	-fire: this is very strong but has limited distance, when it hits the ground it makes a 
	stream of fire. It is, for the most part, useless in the game.
	-arrows: it's weak but shoots two lines of arrows at 30 and 40 degree angles. It is 
	rapid firing and very good when powered up(see armors and magics).
	-axe: very powerful but you can only throw one at a time. it moves in loops 
	straight 	ahead of you.
	-sythe: thi is sort of powerful but you can only throw one at a time. With this 
	weapon you can throw it straight or to the ground. When thrown to the ground it 
	will run along the ground until it hits something.
	-trident: this has medium power and acts as a boomerang doing an L formation in 
	very close range. you can throw 2 at a time. this tends to be useful against the red 
	gargoyles because it is fast and can go through walls.
	-goddess bracelet: explained later.

4. Armors and Magics-
	Green armor: once you obtain the green armor your weapons become very 
	powerful and have different abilities----
	-javalin: the javalin remains the same only more powerful and you can only             
	shoot one at a time.
	-dagger: the dagger turns into a rapid fire, laser spear. this is good for taking 
	out just about anything in front of you. it can also go through walls
	-fire: stays pretty much the same.
	-arrows: the arrows have the biggest change. the turn into limited fireing 	homing 
	missles. they will seek out the enemies any where on or near your sight. this is 
	the most useful weapon in the game!!!
	-axe: now the axe goes a ways above your head then curves and goes in a straight 
	line ahead of you. this can be very useful or very anoying if there's a low cieling.
	-sythe: stays pretty much the same
	-trident: stays pretty much the same

	Gold armor: this has the same abilities as the green armor only now you can charge 
	up your weapon to perform a magic. you also have a shield which will take one 
	weak projectile hit, the blue shield will take infinite weak projectile hits. Here are 
	the magics for each weapon.
	-javalin: lightning will hit enemies above you and to your left and right
	-dagger: a dragon attacks enemies on certain parts of the screen
	-fire: three orbs circle you and hit close enemies for a limited time
	-arrows: uncover any on-screen chests
	-axe: a "star" of laser beams shoot out from you
	-sythe: two tornados attack below you and to your sides
	-trident: green smoke goes about a body length above your head and 
            shoots out to both sides

5. Level strategies-
	1-1: this is very simple, just shoot the enemies and dodge all attacks. when you 
	reach the part with the tidal waves and pillars, stand a body length away from the 
	pillar, jump straight up then jump towards the pillar. you should land directly on it.
	1-2: also pretty simple, watch out for the pulsating enemies and use quick double 
	jumps to clear some rolling skeletons without hitting enemies.
	Vulture Boss: stay to the far left and quickly take out the babies. It's best to use 
	the arrows so you can attack him without jumping. with any other weapon double 
	jump away, turn around and shoot to avoid landing on him.

	2-1: kill all the ghosts around you before attempting to climb a ladder or you'll be 
	knocked off. sometimes you must double jump while running from the swing 
	blades in order not to get hit. At the top of the last platform theres a swing blade 
	with an evil chest on the other side, don't jump over it. instead, drop down the 
	ladder and continue.
	2-2: continue to fire even if there are no enemies on screen, chances are that you'll 
	kill them before they ever have a chance to hit you. to easily clear the tall coral 
	pilars get very close to them and on the peak of the water height jump up then 
	jump over. multi firing weapons are recommended
	Coral Boss: stay relativly close to him and fire-fire-fire. jump his shell torpedoes 
	and move back and forth as he does. use rapid fire weapons.

	3-1:keep your distance from the fire breathers and kill the tiny demons as soon as 
	you see them otherwise they'll sneek up on you. lure the last fire beast to the right 
	from above him then run to the left, climb down the ladder and blast him as fast as 
	you can. use short double jumps on most of the pilars and remember that they'll go 
	away after a while. it's probably best to just avoid the gargoyle until you get to the 
	towers for this is the 2nd part of the level. NOTE: don't get the axe, and if you do- 
	don't power it up or you'll be screwed. There's a low cieling which will absorb it.
	3-2: take this level slow, it's pretty easy until you get to the teddy bear-looking 
	things. when you do, go very slow and attack them before they hit the ground, this 
	way you'll avoid them landing directly on you.
	Snake Boss: stay on the last platform and just keep hitting him. if he shoots rocks 
	up just move a little bit when you see them falling. if he shoots them to the side, 
	get on the higher platform and double jump when you see them coming. If you 
	have the arrows or the axe he is increadibly easy.

	4-1: not much to this level, the fact that it rotates makes it seem more complicated 
	than it really is. just treat it as a normal level. when you fight the green fire skulls 
	that are level with you just duck when they shoot and they'll miss you. 
	4-2: if you stay towards the back of the platform you be pretty safe. as soon as a 
	guyser extinguishes try to move past it before it starts up again. shoot the pulsators 
	before they get big at all, because the platform may move to where you can't hit 
	them. Remember that the non-moving platforms disapear very quickly.
	Hydra boss: This is the easiest boss in the game, just constintaly shoot with any 
	weapon and leap over the fire balls. if it lives long enough to change sides, then 
	wait for it to and continue.

	5-1: not much I can tell you here, when you get to the part with the ice vines, go 
	slow and shoot them as they come up. you can shoot the "floating shield men" in 
	the back.again it's better to skip past the gargoyle until you get to the second part 
	of the level
	5-2: as soon as this level begins jam on the fire button to kill an oncoming wolf. 
	once you get to the top of the stage dodge the avelanches by climbing onto ladders 
	or jumping onto platforms. it's a good idea to jump and shoot a few times before 
	crossing spike pits.
	Ice Demon Boss: use the same tactics as the "Coral" and "Vulture" Bosses. when 
	he shoots the ice ball just concentrate on it and wait for it th explode. if it hits you 
	jam on the fire button until your freed.

	If you've made it this far then you should have no problem making it throu th next 	
	2 levels. Just use the skills you've used before.

	here I'll tell you 2 "easy access" chests for every section. If you avoid getting hit, 
	the first will contain a weapon and the second will be green armor.
	1-1: run to the far left of the first screen and jump. then jump over the first 	       	        
	pillar, walk a little ways then walk back towards the pillar.
	1-2: jump around to the left of the first screen a little bit and a chest will 	        	        
	appear. jump over the first rolling skeleton then jump back over him 	         	        
	to get the chest.
	2-1: once you jump onto the ship do a couple double jumps around and 	        	        
	you'll uncover a chest. now just continue walking and another chest 	        	        
	will uncover on it's own.
	2-2: before you get to the first spitting urchin move all around the screen, 	        	        
	alot to uncover 2 chests right next to each other.
	3-1: get the money sack to the right of the first ladder. then go down that 	        
	ladder and down the ladder to the right.
	3-2: jump up right before the third statue. on the upward slope tower just 	        
	run along and a chest will uncover it's self.
	4-1: jump around to the far left of the first screen. after the second rotation 	        
	fight the green fire skull, a chest will appear right behind him. 
	4-2: I'm sure there're chests here but I haven't found any.
	5-1:Jump around to the left of the first screen. after killing the first snow 	        
	beast, use the double jump to leap just off the ledge the snow beast was on then 
	back onto the ledge where the chest awaits. Note: If you mess up you die
	5-2: jump off the first ledge to the left and a chest will appear. run under 	        
	the platform in the begining and a chest will appear on the upper 	        	        

	6  : From the start just run and jump up the step. after you've defeated the 
	gargoyles a chest appears before the stairs.
	7  : from the start, jump around to the left and a chest will appear to the right. 
	another one appears after you'vedefeated the top grey vulture head and moved on 
	a ways.

7. Goddess Bracelet-
		After you defeat the boss at the end of the 7th level the princess will appear 
	and tell you to go back to the beginning of the game and get the goddess bracelet. 
	this will probably piss you off if this is your first time. When you go back to the 
	first level the difficulty boosted by an un-reasonable amount. now you can get the 
	goddess bracelet at any time durring your super hard battle through the game as 
	long as you have gold armor. you must have the bracelet when you reach the end 
	of the 7th level otherwise the princess will warp you to the beginning of level 6. 
		The bracelet is the most powerful weapon in the game but has very short 
	range. as you get better armor you'll get more range. When you have the gold 
	armor you can eliminate projectiles by shooting them with the bracelet. Because 
	you can get it any time in the game, you may want to pick up a weapon that your 
	more used to until the end, but you must have it to fight the final boss.