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Shining Force

Battle test:
Hold Start on controller two and reset the Genesis. Release the button when the Sega logo appears and hold A + C on controller two. Select the continue option and wait until girl begins to say "Good Luck". Hold A on controller one while still holding the buttons on controller two. Any of the game's 30 battles may be selected for practice.

Sound test:
Successfully complete the game and allow the game to restart after the ending sequence. Load a saved game or start a new game, then hold Down + Start when the screen fades to black after Simone stops talking.

Dialogue test:
Hold B at when the girl begins to say "Good Luck". Any section of the game's dialogue can be viewed.

Start with one extra HP and MP:
Start a new game and enter SEGA as a name.

Name any character (Japanese version):
Begin a new game, and enter the "Name Your Character" screen. Highlight the end option after naming your character. Hold Start + A + B + C on controller two while pressing Start + A +C on controller one. Another character appears. Continue this process to name every character in the game.

Control opponents (Japanese version):
Quickly press A, B, C, Up, A, C, A, B, A when a battle begins. A sound will confirm correct code entry.
Information in this section was contributed by Khiu Ke Bin.

Hint: Easy experience:
When beginning a battle, damage and kill a lot of enemies. When only one is remaining, allow the main character (the one you name) to get killed. You will start out in a Church and have to repeat the battle, but the experience from the previous battle will be kept. Use this to level up Healers such as Lowe and Gong.
Information in this section was contributed by Luís Fernando Panelli César.

In the last battle of chapter 4 you fight a Boss known as Balbazak. He does not attack members of your team if you strike at a distance. This is a good trick for leveling up Archers, Centaur knights with lances, etc. Balbazak will regain over 15 hit points after each turn. This is all you have to do. Find a low level character you want to level up. Enter the battle and keep that character protected from enemies until only the Boss remains. Place a "single" character you are leveling up a small distance from the Boss, but stay within striking distance. Use an controller with an auto-fire feature or hold C once your desired character has been placed. Return in about 15 to 20 minutes and your character will have leveled up at least by one level. This technique can be used get up to five levels within the same range of time. Get your character to a level as high as nineteen (after promotion).
Information in this section was contributed by DarkFox_82.

Instead of letting the last enemy of a battle kill your main character, just cast his Egress spell. You will still have the experience points, but will not lose half of your gold.
Information in this section was contributed by Front.

In Chapter 1: Runefaust Invasion, take Alex and find a man in a blue shirt walking south of the weapons and items shop in Guardinia. This requires patience as you do not know where he is going. Stay with him until he moves down into the path of one of the guards. Make sure he is not in the path of the gate itself, or this trick will not work. This trick allows Alex (and Gong if desired) to get experience without the others interfering. Now, go west to the mini-castle and fight the enemies. If you want to do this repeatedly, only kill the first three goblins, then retreat. Do not use Egress or it will teleport you to the chapel in Guardinia. Simply use your turns to walk out of the stage. When you are satisfied with whatever level Alex (your hero) is at, return to Guardinia and continue the game as usual.
Information in this section was contributed by Crsonicpilot12.

Hint: Tao wears a bikini:
After the battle in which you gain the Moon Stone, search the walls of the small room where you obtained the stone. You should find a Sukuzi-something. Give it to Tao and when she goes into battle, she will wear a bikini.

Hint: Anri's dress:
At the end of Chapter 3, during the battle on the bridge (where you have to kill the laser eye), there is a small platform with three dark elf archers. Next to the archer on the very left is a secret chest that has a dress that Anri can wear.
Information in this section was contributed by Gotmewrong50.

Hint: Domingo:
During Chapter 2, after you get to the mage city to talk to Anri. Go to the room on the first floor with a statue of a monster. Search the statue and you will find a Domingo Egg. During Chapter 4, go to the nomadic town when it appears the second time. There will be a merchant who wants to hatch the egg. Let him, and you will get a very strong character that levitates, uses freeze, and has one of the best defense ratings in the game
Information in this section was contributed by Gotmewrong50.

Hint: Honszu:
Where you first enter Runefaust, you will see a Row of trees. One tree will be different. It will have flowers while the others will not. Face this tree, then search. A voice will say "I am Honszu the ninja", and he will join the Shining Force. He is a level 10 Ninja (already promoted). His Doom Blade attack is 51. He has the spell Desoul, which kills an opponent instantly. It works well on the horseman you fight with Ramuladu, but does not work well or high level creatures or Bosses
Information in this section was contributed by TheDarkKnight514.

Hint: Musashi:
When you get to Act 7, before you leave town look for a building with a small white plaque on the outside between two doors. Read the plaque and you will unlock the secret character, Musashi the samurai.
Information in this section was contributed by Gotmewrong50.

Hint: Yogurt Ring:
In Chapter 4, visit the priest at the nomad town. Go all the way to the left in the church and you will see a small gopher with a helmet sit up while you hear a strange noise. Go to your headquarters and you will see the gopher, named Jogurt, in your party. Place him into your party and go to fight. While fighting, reduce a monster to one hit point then kill it with Jogurt. The monster will give you experience and you will find a ring called the Yogurt Ring. Wearing the ring will make the wearer resemble Jogurt. If used in battle, you can make almost your entire party also look like him. Note: Do not bother to level Jogurt up, as he will go from level one to level one again.
Information in this section was contributed by Gotmewrong50.

Glitch: Spell level range:
When you get Heal level 4 and try to use it, press Left to change it to level 3. Press B and it will change back to level 4, only it will have the same range as level 3. This works with any other magic.
Information in this section was contributed by RAKA.

Glitch: Shining Influence:
Before going to see the king in the first town, walk toward the town entrance until encounter a man wearing blue close to the guards. Block his path and force him to block the path of the guards at the entrance, making sure to leave enough room for you to slip through before the man in blue leaves his forced position. If done correctly, you should be outside the town without your Shining Force members. Complete the first mission without returning to get your members, and you will have the Shining Influence.
Information in this section was contributed by Bolt.

Strategy: by Sephirstein
Strategy: Saved game hacking: by Thundergod
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