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Diablo 2

Sound debug:
Press [Return] to open the chat screen, then type soundchaosdebug to activate the sound test. To return to normal, repeat the code. This also works in, and it will not show up as a message.
Information in this section was contributed by dhobrien.

Retrieving items after death:
Save and exit the game after dying. Restart the game, and your corpse will be in town, allowing you to retrieve your possessions.

If your corpse is close to a waypoint, cast a shielding spell, or equip any shield, then quickly run to your corpse and run back out. If any tough monsters are near the waypoint in BattleNet, ask another player that can defeat them to clear the way.

Avoid dying from poison:
If you are about to die when poisoned, quickly make a town portal and go through. You cannot die in town. This also works with hirelings.
Information in this section was contributed by meatcake.

Gain money and items quickly:
Travel past the Blood Moor and look for a cave. The cave has two levels, with a golden chest somewhere at the second level. Inside are usually health potions, mana potions, scrolls of town portal or identify, unidentified weapons and armor, and sometimes even a rare item that can be sold for a great deal of money. If you identify the item and it is something that you do not want, sell it. Save and exit the game. The next time the game is loaded, the chest will still be there with different items. This can be done as many times as needed.

After completing the quest to save Cain, reload the game, then use the Stony Fields waypoint to do the quest again. There are always magic monsters here that will give you items.

Get a Tome of Town Portal and lots of Town Portal scrolls. When your inventory gets full, leave the items you want to keep and go through a Town Portal to the Rogue Encampment. Sell the items that you do not want and go back though the portal. All your items will still be there on the ground.
Information in this section was contributed by Caleb Bennett.

If you have completed Act 3 under any difficulty setting, keep going back and killing Mephisto. He drops a lot of equipment which you can sell or use, and he is not very strong.
Information in this section was contributed by Marc Grimson.

On Act 1 during the mission to save Cain, you will find Wirt dead. Go to him and click on him. He will spill out a lot of gold. You can exit Tristram through the portal then return to town. Click on Wirt again and he will have more money. The same can be done with Griswald; he will drop items every time you kill him. He will also keep returning to life.
Information in this section was contributed by peguasusfan.

In some houses, there will be a messed up sheet on a bench or bed. Although no message will appear when your pointer is over it, click it. You may get large amounts of gold and/or weapons.
Information in this section was contributed by Kode King.

Go to Travincal, in Act 3, and defeat the high council. Every member gives you either a lot of gold or a magical item. This can be done as many times desired by choosing to save and exit and starting again.
Information in this section was contributed by Markus.

A quick way of getting better gems when you are past Act 1, is to go back to Act 1. Look for gem shrines. Most of the time you can dodge the monsters and go directty for the shrines. The Gem Shrines are somewhat rare, but it is still faster than finding three of the same kind and putting them in the Horadric Cube.
Information in this section was contributed by adam smith.

More money for items:
Never sell or even pick up items that are low quality, cracked, etc. They give you less money and take up space. Only sell Enchanted bows because they cannot be repaired. Always repair items before selling to get more money. Armor in general gives you more money -- always pick up and sell it, especially Heavy Armor. Keep your inventory clean by having a row of potions along the bottom, a Tome of Identify and a Tome of Town Portal on the far left so they take up less space, and a key bunch. Keep as much space open as possible. You may feel very compelled to hoard potions, but it is more profitable to keep space open.
Information in this section was contributed by Craigt46.

Easy experience:
Enter the real Tal Rasha's tomb, kill all the monsters, and save the game. Exit, then return to kill all the monsters again.

Go to the Bloody Foothills waypoint in Act 5 and fight from there back to Harrogath. This blood run was originally meant for online play, but works perfectly fine in single player mode.
Information in this section was contributed by Markus.

Go to the wilderness and find a creature that has a shaman (Fallen, Carver, etc.) and can be ressurected. Do not kill the shaman first. Kill the creatures. The shaman will keep resurrecting them and you will have an never-ending source of easy monsters to kill. When you are done killing and have had your fill of experience, kill the shaman.
Information in this section was contributed by Mackenzie Carter.

Easy Gems:
In Act 1, defeat Andariel. Every time you defeat her, you will get two chipped gems and one normal gem.
Information in this section was contributed by Pat.

Easy Runes:
At the Tower Cellar level 5, kill the Boss as many times as desired. You will always get one to two Runes.
Information in this section was contributed by René Jensen.

More space:
Acquire the Horadric Cube and keep it in your inventory. It only takes four spaces and gives you twelve spaces when it is open, allowing you to carry more items for your collection.
Information in this section was contributed by Matt555Moe.

Safe gold storage:
If your stash is full of gold and you do not want to lose everything if you get killed, drop all your gold beside your stash or somewhere in town. You can go out and fight without worrying, but must pick up your gold again before you save and exit.
Information in this section was contributed by Victor Chan.

Note: Items will disappear if you leave them next to your box and they sit there long enough while you are in a different zone. It does not appear to have anything to do with how many items drop off monsters; it has to do with time.
Information in this section was contributed by Steven Lucas.

Quick restore:
When you are near death, save and exit the game -- make sure you are in Rouge's Encampment. Then, talk to Akara. She will give you full life and full mana.

Amazon: Rapid fire:
The Amazon can repeatedly shoot arrows without having to press the mouse button constantly. Hold the mouse and run slightly in any direction. Then quickly, press [Shift]. Do not release the mouse button. You will immediately stand firm on the ground while shooting arrows constantly. This is effective for a large crowd of enemies. It works for the same with other Amazon attacks.
Information in this section was contributed by wang weixian.

Amazon: Character development:
Try to maximize Multiple Shot, Guided Arrow, Dodge, and Avoid. Put the rest of the skill points into Critical Strike and Slow Missiles.
Information in this section was contributed by Brian Lewis.

Assassin: Easy kills:
To kill Bosses easily, use Tiger Strike (3 Charge), then unleash Dragon Flight. This will kill Baal in normal mode instantly (if each are maxed).
Information in this section was contributed by Kenneth Krisnanto.

Assassin: Character development:
Try to maximize Dragon Tail, Dragon Flight, Claw Mastery, Weapon Block, Fade, Wake of Fire, and Blade Shield. Put the rest of the skill points into anything you desire.
Information in this section was contributed by Brian Lewis.

Barabarian: Cow level:
Whirlwind is a necessity. Keep whirlwinding around the edges of the swarms of cows and always have a few rejuvenation potions in your belt in case you get stuck in the middle of them. Remember to kill the cow king because he will drop either a rare, set, or unique item.

Note: If you kill the Cow King you cannot create the cow level in that difficulty.
Information in this section was contributed by tom hoss.

Barbarian: Character development:
Try to maximize Whirlwind, Sword Mastery (or whatever Mastery you want to use), Iron Skin, Natural Resistance, Battle Orders, and Battle Command. Put the rest of the skill points into Increase Stamina and Increase Speed.
Information in this section was contributed by Brian Lewis.

Have your Barbarian max out any weapon mastery of choice (preferably Spear). Look for war spears, which probably do the most damage out of the melee weapons you can find. That also steals health(at least about 50% because of thorn damage creatures). You should also max out Whirlwind. Put a few skill points into Iron Skin (10-20), Stamina (1-5), and Natural Resistance (5-20). The rest can go to anything, as long as you have followed these guidelines.
Information in this section was contributed by ZUBIN91.

Use the following trick to get a very strong Barbarian. Add 1 to Leap (to help kill Diablo), 1 to Bash and 1 to Double Weapons. Next, put the rest of your skills into Ax Mastery. Keep doing this until you have a 1,000 rating. It also helps to put some points on Dexterity.
Information in this section was contributed by parker-richardson.

Druid: Character development:
To develop a "tank" Druid, as your Druid levels up, put a skill point in Werewolf and put the rest into Lycanthropy. You may put one or two on pets such as Spirit Wolf. Also, alternate between assigning points to strength and vitality so that they are within 5 points of each other. Do not use any points on elemental skills when making a "tank" Druid. By the time you get to about level 20, you should need an increase in Dexterity. Make sure to invest 3 to 4 points in the Maul ability, as it helps against Bosses. Also, Druids perform best with a maul equipped. Try to make this the item Charsi imbues. If you follow this, you should end up with a Druid that has over 900 health by level 35.
Information in this section was contributed by Japanfan63.

The tank Druid can be used in another way. You can also focus on Lycanthropy and Wearbear, but doing so only put one point on Werewolf. Always have high damage weapons. A maul is good because the Druid has a fast attack speed rating with it. Never put any skill points on elemental skills as this will ruin the tank. Put points into Heart Of Wolverine, and Maul and Hunger with Werebear. These are very good skills. You will be able to kill most monsters in one hit. This makes up for the Werebear's slow speed. Use Oak Sage until level 30, then you can learn Spirit Of Barbs. This skill gives you and your party members a skill similar to the Paladin's Thorns Aura if you have a lot of HP. Regardless of the strength of the monsters in Act V, they will be a lot less terrifying.
Information in this section was contributed by Draco2408.

Try to maximize Cyclone Armor, Twister, Hurricane, Oak Sage, and Spirit of the Barbs. Put the rest of the skill points into anything you desire.
Information in this section was contributed by Brian Lewis.

Necromancer: Using items in Act 1:
Because gems in the beginning of the game are usually more precious than any unique/rare item you may find, get a socketed bardiche and fill it with chipped or flawed rubies or sapphires. For boots and gloves, try to go for + to gold from enemies because gold in Act 1 will allow you to buy useful items in Act 2. For rings and amulets, lean towards + to life Mana or Attack ratings. For armor and helm, try to get the best defense. However if you find something that has kicking abilities, do not hesitate to sacrifice the few defense points in difference. For belts, the more slots the better. In skills, + to strength. In abilities, +2 raise skeleton, +1 to amp damage, +2 to clay golem, + 1-2 to bone armor.
Information in this section was contributed by LuftWaffeME109.

Necromancer: Stronger skeletons:
Summon your maximum number of skeletons, then find a skill shrine and click on it. Your maximum skeleton summoning ability should be doubled. Start summoning skeletons again. You should have double your number of skeletons and they will be twice as good in everything than your first skeletons. When your skill shrine power runs out, the weaker ones will die, leaving you with the strong ones.

Necromancer: Easy kills:
Put some points in Golems. Try to stay away from other things that you do not need and save up for Bone Cage and Bone Wall. Also, put some points into Bone Sprit. When you have these moves, summon a Golem to distract your opponent. Then, summon a Bone Wall around them. Make Bone Walls around that, then start to use Bone Sprit, or other things that could go through the wall. If they break it, summon another Golem and do it again. Repeat this for an easy win. Note: This might not work with Amazon with bows.
Information in this section was contributed by riku8855.

Necromancer: Easy cow kill:
Use neckroman's corpse explosion on some of the cows in the cow level. You can kill over twenty cows with only four casts of this spell, in a hell difficulty. Note: Have the spell at a high level (at least 12).

Necromancer: Easy Gems:
Note: You need to be at level 24 or higher for this trick. When you start the game, save your skills when you level. Distribute a couple to Clay Golem (2 or 3) and Golem Mastery (4 or 5) . When you reach level 18, place one skill on Bone Spear and Blood Golem each (every time you level ). Play the game until you reach the Council in Act 3. Let your Golem fight the Council while you sit behind him, shooting them with the Bone Spear. This should kill them quickly. The Council should give you one or more Gems/Skulls. Continue until you gain the desired amount of Gems. Note: The Council may not give you a Gem every time.

Necromancer: Remove minions:
Use this trick when facing enemies that can resurrect other creatures, for example the Shaman. Cast the "Raise Skeleton", "Raise Skeleton Mage", or anything that will destroy the corpse, on the dead creature. His Shaman will not be able to bring him back to life.
Information in this section was contributed by Robert Essen.

Necromancer: Blood Golem/Iron Maiden combo:
Once you get the use of the Blood Golem, send it into battle and cast Iron Maiden on the monsters attacking it. This will give you great amounts of health instantly. Blood Golem gives you, and it, health for all damage it deals, and Iron Maiden causes monster who attack to deal themselves 200% damage back. Since the Blood Golem considers the 200% damage to be from it, this gives you lots of health. It works very well since all the monsters kill themselves.

Necromancer: Make a transparent Golem:
You need to know Summoning Metal Golem of any level and a transparent weapon (ethereal weapon). Do the same thing needed to summon the usual Metal Golem. When he is summoned, he will be transparent.
Information in this section was contributed by Helldr7.

Necromancer: Character development:
Try to maximize Iron Maiden, Bone Armor, Bone Prison, and Poison Nova. Put the rest of the skill points into Skeleton Mastery, Golem Mastery, Raise Skeletal Mage, and Fire Golem.
Information in this section was contributed by Brian Lewis.

To get the ultimate Necromancer, you need to have lots of skill points in Fire Golem and Bone Spirit. When you have that, combine the two spells and start the mass murdering. Make skeletons and skeleton magi from almost all the corpses you left behind to create a big army.
Information in this section was contributed by morten jensen.

Select the following for a Skeleton-themed level 20 Necromancer.
Information in this section was contributed by Joseph Heller.

Level 2:Summon Skeleton
Level 3:Summon Skeleton
Level 4:Amplify Damage
Level 5:Skeleton Mastery
Level 6:Skeleton Mastery
Level 7:Summon Skeleton
Level 8:Summon Skeleton
Level 9:Amplify Damage
Level 10:Skeleton Mastery
Level 11:(Save it)
Level 12:Skeleton Mastery
Level 13:Skeleton Mastery
Level 14:Amplify Damage
Level 15:(Save it)
Level 16:Skeletal Mage
(Saved) 11:Skeletal Mage
(Saved) 15:Skeletal Mage
Level 17 to 20: Skeletal Mage

This results in a total of 4 Summon Skeleton, 3 Amplify Damage, 5 Skeletal Mastery, and 4 Skeletal Mage. Optional choices when getting to higher levels are:

Level 21:Stone Golem
Level 22:Blood Golem
Level 23:Golem Mastery
Level 24:Golem Mastery
Level 25:Iron Maiden
Level 26 to 31: (Complete Tree to Corpse Explosion and Resurrection to liking)
Level 32-35: Corpse Explosion
Level 36-40: Ressurection
Level 40-50: Bone Shield

Up to level 20, cast Amplify Damage on enemies, beat them to a pulp, then use them for Skeletons. Use Amplify Damage to assist Skeletons. For levels 21 to 50, use the Stone Golem to get Corpses ready. After Skeletons Summoned, switch for Blood Golem. HP will no longer be a problem. Use Amplify Damage only on Blood Golem's Targets to save Mana. When facing a Boss with many minions (for example, Andariel) lead them into heap of enemies, then surround them with Skeletons. Dangers with this character are Barbarians with Leap and Double Strike, Mana stealing weapons, other Necromancers with high Corpse Explosion Skill, Paladins with Redemption (makes corpses useless before skeletons can be summoned), and an ally or enemy with Ice Weapon. To counter these dangers, save Stamina for fleeing, have Mana stealing/regaining equipment (3 Skulls and an Amethyst in a longbow recommended), and enter battle with Skeletons ready.
Information in this section was contributed by Joseph Heller.

Paladin: Increased damage:
Build up Charge to increase damage. All you need is a ring that has mana steel.
Information in this section was contributed by highplay.

Paladin: Easy healing:
There is a special ability of Paladins that allows you can heal yourself with rarely needing a potion. Almost every time you gain a level, press the skill "Prayer". Note: You will need to get it at a high level for it to help in later battles. It also requires mana; keep the mana stats above the rest and the healing effect will last longer.
Information in this section was contributed by Kadlecbob.

Paladin: Character development:
Try to maximize Zeal, Charge, Vengance, Holy Shield, and Holy Freeze. Put the rest of the skill points into anything you desire.
Information in this section was contributed by Brian Lewis.

Sorceress: Defeating Andariel:
Whenever you go up a level, improve Inferno. When you reach Andariel, make sure you have lots of mana and healing potions. Kill all the minions, then use Inferno. Keep using it and watch your health and mana. When they get low, use a potion.

Sorceress: Character development:
Try to maximize Warmth, Nova, Teleport, Thunder Storm, Lightning Mastery, and Chilling Armor. Put the rest of the skill points into anything you desire.
Information in this section was contributed by Brian Lewis.

Protection from Diablo:
Place three perfect diamonds in a Gothic shield for maximum protection against all of Diablo's attacks. There are several levels of gems: chipped, flawed, gem type (diamond, sapphires, etc.), and perfect type. With the Horadric Cube you can make the next better classification by putting three gems of the same type and class in the cube and transmuting them. This results in one of a higher classification.
Information in this section was contributed by ssaul.

Better shield defense:
Put perfect amethysts in your shield to raise its defense. For example, getting an ancient shield with three perfect amethysts will add 86 to the defense.
Information in this section was contributed by CallumBlaze.

Easier rare items:
Find and equip two Rings Of Fortune (increases the chance to get a better item), a socketed Helm, two gems of Topaz (best if they are perfect), Gloves Of Fortune, Boots Of Fortune and an Amulet Of Fortune and equip them. With all that equipped, the least amount you should have is 60%, but you may get higher.
Information in this section was contributed by CallumBlaze.

In the Blood Moor there will be one or two houses. At least one almost always has a magic, rare, unique, or set item.

Wirt's Leg:
When you have to save Cain in Act 1, do not take Wirt's Leg because you will waste space by carrying it around. Instead of taking it immediately, wait until you are at level 30 then go back to Tristam to get the leg.
Information in this section was contributed by PimpDaddyFlix.

Change enemies:
If enemies in a certain area, such as Hell, are too tough restart the game. Enemies such as Flesh Spawners, Stygian Hags, and the Hell beetles can spawn dozens of creatures in seconds. After restarting (exit, save, load, and play), check the area and repeat if needed. The Hell beetles are usually replaced by Doom Knights and Venom Lords, and the Hags are usually replaced by the same. This may also work with other areas.
Information in this section was contributed by CHSMiKe2000.

No corpse monsters:
Every character has a ability than get rid of or prevent the creation of a corpse.
Information in this section was contributed by Simpsonfreak742.

Barbarian: Use Item Find or Potion Find on a corpse.
Zons: Use Cold, Ice, or Freezing Arrow.
Paladin: Use Holy Freeze Aura.
Necromancer: Use Revive Skeleton.
Sorceress: Any Ice attack.

Defeating Bosses:
This trick works well against Dariel, the monster you must fight before you find out that Diablo's brother is already freed. Automatically cast a Town Portal when you get in the room with him, or outside in the room where you have to put the staff in. Every time you come back, he will have the same amount of health as he had when you fought him before. Make sure you cast a Town Portal before you die or he will heal.
Information in this section was contributed by Jason Durkee.

This trick works well when playing as a Necromancer. Make sure you have a good amount of skeletons and a spell that reflects the damage back at the Boss. The spell will do damage to the Boss when he goes to attack you or your party member. If done correctly, he should almost literally kill himself.
Information in this section was contributed by Jason Durkee.

Unlimited one way portal:
Cast a Town Portal from a safe location, then take the portal into town. Use the waypoint system and run to get back to your last location. This allows you to use the portal to go back into town an unlimited number of times as long as you do not use it from town to return to where you were previously.

Unlimited imbued items:
After installing v1.00, play until Charsi offers to imbue something for you. Save and exit the game. Then download patch v1.03 and install it. Join a TCP/IP or open game with the same character. Imbue something, then give it to a trusted player. After exiting, return as the same character, and you will be able to imbue again. Note: v1.00 save files cannot be overwritten by v1.03.
Information in this section was contributed by Pongo Pigmeus.

Cow level:
When you have the Horadaric Cube, obtain "Wert's Leg" in Tristram (where you go to rescue Deckhard Cain). Go to the northwest part of the town and search the boy's body. Place both Wert's leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadaric Cube, and it will open a portal to a hidden level filled with axe carrying cows. Do not go through the portal until you are over level 35 because the cows are quite numerous and strong.
Information in this section was contributed by máxe.

If you create a portal to the secret Cow level, do not kill the Cow King. If you do not, the same character will be able to create a portal there again repeatedly. However, if you or anyone else kills the Cow King, and you created the portal, you will not be able to do it again. Note: You can get another leg from Wirt as long as you do not have one in your possession (including stash).

Cubing socketed swords:
In Act 2 after getting the Horadric Cube, you can add any sword and 3 chipped gems into the Cube. Press the "Transmute" button and a new socketed(3) magical sword should be in the place of the other items. Note: Make sure no other items are in the Cube -- they will get lost when transmuting.

Avoiding trapped chests:
A normal chest will have a single squeak when you open it. A trapped chest will have a sound like two squeaks that are happening at the same time. If you listen closely, you will hear the normal squeak and a similar but different squeak. After the sound, you will have about one second to run away. You will not make it if you are walking and the trap is a projectile.
Information in this section was contributed by credit23.

Avoid death:
Press [Esc] when you are about to die, then save and exit the game. When you reload, your game you will be at the starting location.
Information in this section was contributed by EminemMike123.

Moving hand:
Press [Esc] during game play. Allow the game to idle at that screen and the hand will begin moving after a few seconds.

Better restart:
When you die, do not save and quit. This gives you the advantage of starting next to your body. However, if you died fighting a Boss, unique, or champion monster, you must face them with full health, rather than whatever you whittled down to before.
Information in this section was contributed by Vaughn Thomas.

Strategy: by Jason Soh
Strategy: by Jonathan Fate
Strategy: by Joseph Christopher
Strategy: by MakAtak
Strategy: by Nik Heiden
Strategy: by Roland Carlos
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Strategy: Amazon: by by Nicholas Yu
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Strategy: Necromancer: by Depthcharge
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Strategy: Sorceress: by Damneon
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Strategy: Experience: by Brian Kern
Strategy: Item imbue: by Spider Eternal
Strategy: Unique and rare items: by Iomanech
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