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Cheat mode:
Press [Enter] during game play, type one of the following codes, and press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Minerals and gas increased by 10,000show me the money.
Minerals increased by 500whats mine is mine
Vespene gas increased by 500breathe deep
Everything upgradedsomething for nothing
Faster building and instant upgrades operation cwal
Unlimited psionic ability2the gathering
Indestructible buildings and shipspower overwhelming
Remove fog of warwar aint what it used to be
Ignore supply limit when building units food for thought
Full mapblack sheep wall
Opponent has no psionicsnoglues
Build anythingmodify the phase variance
Free upgrades to unitsmedieval man
Mission skipthere is no cow level
Enable mission select1ophelia
Terran mission selectterran<mission number>
Zerg mission selectzerg<mission number>
Protoss mission selectprotoss<mission number>
Continue after mission completedstaying alive
Win gameman over game
Lose gamegame over man

1. This code must be enabled before the other mission selection codes are used.
2. The Protoss Templar, Zerg Deviler, and Terran Ghost.

Hear different unit phrases:
Select a unit four times. Select it again to hear a different phrase. This may be done on every ground unit, air unit, and heroes. Depending on type, four to seven different phrases may be heard.

Hint: Easy victory against CPU Zerg:
Build Proton Cannons near the Zerg base and fire protons at them.
Information in this section was contributed by BanjoBond.

Hint: Destroying Siege Tanks:
Get a large group of Dragoons (nine to twelve), and they can easily overpower Siege Tanks.

If facing against Siege Tanks in siege mode, get as close as you can to the tanks (most likely touching them) and attack. The tanks will not be able to attack you, there since they have no short-range. However Siege Tanks that are further back can attack, but will also hit their own tanks.

Hint: Extra Broodlings:
When playing as the Zerg, enable the show me the money code, or have a lot of Queens. You can keep using spawn Broodlings on other Broodlings. In a short time you can have 50 Broodlings, and attack. Use this trick when your opponent only has an infantry.
Information in this section was contributed by Furpel86.

Get about 9 to 12 drones to mine minerals. Then, build a Spawning Pool. Next, build about three Hatcheries in a row. Within ten minutes you can have 90 Zerglings.

Hint: Completing Terran Mission 3:
Build about five SCVs to mine for you. Use some to repair Bunkers and Vultures. Then, build about four bunkers at each entrance, but focus on the left entrance. Then, send a squad of 12-15 marines to attack the Zerg in the north. Remember, the more you attack the enemy base, the less they will have at the end.
Information in this section was contributed by Mark Couch.

Hint: Completing Terran Mission 7:
When you begin, bring all your units to your middle base. Then, get twelve of any of your units together, as long as they include SCV with the Psi Emitter. Have your Science Vessel use Defense Matrix on the SCV. Then, make a mad dash for the enemy base, which is straight to the right. Ignore any enemy fire and just go to the base. When you get there, just send your SCV containing the Psi emitter onto the beacon. This should not take more than one minute to complete.

Bring Kerrigan and the SCV with the disrupter into your base. Ignore everything else. Save your SCV and your Science Vessel each in their own group, for easy access. Have the SCV get deep into your base, then tell it to move to the beacon. Have your Science Vessel get near the outside of your base and use Defense Matrix at the last minute before the Marine on the plateau attacks it. The D Matrix will keep the SCV alive until it gets there.
Information in this section was contributed by Dustin Steede.

Hint: Attack cloaked unit:
You can often see a shimmering shape moving across the screen. However, you cannot have you units directly attack it. You can still attack a cloaked unit indirectly by using a Templar or Infested Kerrigan to launch a Psionic Storm at it. This works well on Observers.
Information in this section was contributed by The Muffin Man.

Hint: Interfering with CPU mineral production:
Note: This trick works best when playing as the Protoss and SCVs and Drones are used. Build a Pylon with Cannons near an enemy base, but not in it or near its mineral production. Get a Probe and attack their base, unless it is a suicide mission. Immediately after that, run to your cannons and watch the enemy workers die. If you do this rapidly enough, eventually they will quit making workers and just sit there.
Information in this section was contributed by Ut2k00.

Hint: Protoss defense:
If you are Protoss, build a lot of Photo Cannons at your entrance until it is blocked. Put twelve Reavers in front with twelve Scouts just above them. Make your Scouts and Reavers hold position.

Use the following trick if you are playing as Protoss online or in single player mode and an enemy Terran is about to nuke your center or some other place where you have a lot of units that you cannot move away in time. If you have an Aorbiter close by, use Stasis Field on your units. All the units frozen by the Stasis Field will be able to survive the nuke without any damage. Your Aorbiter will be destroyed because it will not be protected.
Information in this section was contributed by PimpDaddyFlix.

Hint: Powerful Protoss attack:
Build five to nine Carriers and make eight tiny ships from each Carrier. Then, build two Transports with four Zeolots in one and in other two spider-like machines. After that, build three to five Scout Ships. Send the units close to the enemy base, but do not let them see you. Send the transports first and unload the people. Then, send Carriers and the Scout Ships to overtake the base. The Carriers will unleash hordes of ships and the Scouts will protect the Carriers while the ground forces distract them. Note: You may lose a lot of resources from this, but it works perfectly against the giant bases that take a long time to destroy.
Information in this section was contributed by zofia milewski.

When you start, make the Star Gate as fast as possible. Do not bother with any ground units. Then, build Carriers and upgrade their attack, defence, and number of Intersecters they can hold. Build at least four to five Star Gates and as many Carriers as you possible. In a few minutes you have an army that is almost invincible.
Information in this section was contributed by Vestroyer94.

Hint: Multi-player Terran strategy:
Have 8 SCVs mining and 3 gathering gas. Build two Supply Depots and a Barracks, then build at least 20 Marines with more Depots. Have an SCV build an Engineering Bay. Build a Factory and an Academy. Now add on the Machine Shop and for the Base add a Comsat Station. Work on a Starport and keep making men at your Barracks and Factory. Upgrade your Tanks to siege mode and build an Armory. Build a Control Tower and Wraiths. Have them learn cloaking and build Dropships. You should be building Missile Turrets and Bunkers full of Marines. Build a huge force of assorted ground and air units. Attack with full force after using your Comsat Station to find the enemy.
Information in this section was contributed by DDiMarzo.

Hint: Terran defense:
If you chose to be Terran, start by blocking your entrance with Supply Depots. Then build Bunkers in front of the Depots and fill them with Marines. Line up some Missile Turrets parallel to the Bunkers. As soon as you get Tanks with Siege upgrade, make them use Siege mode just in the front of your defense. Upgrade your Marines to have farther attack range. Now put all your efforts in building some air to air defense such as Wraiths. Place up to twelve just in front of your Tanks and make them hold position.

Hint: Multi-player Zerg strategy:
Build the same number of workers as with Terran strategy and start a Spawning Pool. Build 6 Zerglings and start to attack with full force. Build a Hydralisk Den and keep attacking. If you have not won yet, upgrade to a Hive and get Mutalisks and a Spire. Build a Queensnest and upgrade to a Hive. Move in with Zerglings, Hydralisks, Ultralisks, and Guardians.
Information in this section was contributed by DDiMarzo.

Hint: Zerg defense:
If you chose to be Zerg, start by blocking your entrance with Sunken Colonies. Make about two rows of them. Next, build some Spore Colonies in front and in back of the Sunken Colonies. Put some Guardians as soon as possible just in front of your Spore Colonies. Make your Guardians hold position.

Hint: Powerful Zerg attack:
Build four Lairs or Egg Hatcheries. Also build two Sunken Colonies and a Spore Colony. Select all the Leeches from the Lairs and there should be twelve of them on your screen. Then, build the twelve Overlords. Do this again to get a total of twenty four Overlords. After that, gather your resources for awhile, then select the twelve eggs again and build Zerglings. Twenty four of them will appear. Do this again to get a total of forty eight Zerglings, then build twelve Hydralisks and either twevel Ulterlisks (if you have the technology) or twelve Queens. Also send a Overlord if you think they have invisible units.

If you built Ulterlisks instead of Queens, send all your forces to the enemy base ,then put your units in rows. The first row Ulterlisks, second row Hydralisks, and third row Zerglings. Send your first row because they can take a lot of damage and also do a lot of damage. Then send Hydralisks to shoot down air units and finally send the Zerglings to help the Ulterlisks and your enemy will be finished.

If you built Queens instead of Ulterlisks, wait for the Queens to gain full energy then send all your units next to the base. Send everyone except the Queens. Wait for awhile. When all the enemies are at the same place, send your Queens to put parasites on the enemy units that are too far to attack for the other units. Then, spawn Broodlings from all of them and you will greatly outnumber them. This is a more difficult strategy than the first, but it works. Note: You must have a good amount of resources to do this trick.
Information in this section was contributed by zofia milewski.

Get twelve Mutalisks and attack a Protoss or Terran base. If they have many buildings, destroy them fast because their attacks can ricochet of the buildings.
Information in this section was contributed by Sunscreen94.

Hint: Fast Zerglings:
Have your four starting Drones start harvesting. Build only one more Drone. When it hatches, have it harvest. Wait until you get 200 minerals, then build a Spawning Pool. When you get 50 minerals, make a Drone, then another. When you get 100 minerals, make an Overlord. You should have 6 Drones, about 150 minerals, and 2 Overlords when your Pool is done. This takes about two to three minutes and all comps will fall to you, even the hardest ones.

Hint: abbreviations:
The following are abbreviations used on, and what they mean:

ac: Allied chat on
bc: Battlecrusier
bs: Newbies
ct: Come to...
dd: Don't die
dd: Don't die
dl: Download, don't leave
dt: Dark Templar
gg: Good game
gl: Good luck, get lost
glhf: Good luck, have fun
goons: Dragoons
gw: Good work
hf: High five
ig2g: I got to go
inshh: I need some help here
lings: Zerglings
rj: Rejoin
rm: Re-make (remake the map)
rm: Remake
tvb: Top vs. bottom
uad: Your ally(s) died
ugad: You guys' ally died
ugd: Your guy died
ugl: You guys lose
ul: You loose
ums: Use map settings

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