What others are saying has created one of the largest web resource that's totally focused on video and computer game help. Other sites describe themselves as "comprehensive" while offering coverage for only a few game systems. Our goal is simple -- to archive cheat codes and other game winning information for as many games and systems available. To that end, fresh information is added to the site daily, with new codes and files often premiering here first. Not surprisingly, our efforts have been recognized by several publications as a valuable resource for anyone that needs to get the most out of their games.

Site O' The Month award Game Informer Magazine
November 1998
We received the Site O' The Month award, as a recommended source for the latest cheat codes, faqs, and hints for the PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo 64.
Recommended site for cheats The San Francisco Chronicle
Computing column May 5, 1998
Columnist David Einstein selects the site as the first of three recommended locations to find cheats and codes for PC games.
Featured game site Game Start
Featured game site February 25, 1999
Game Start, the largest game site network and search engine on the Internet at the time, described us as being "one of the largest video and computer game help sites on the Net with a massive database of cheats, hints, and FAQs".
Interview The New York Times
Cheaters Prosper story, Circuits section, November 26, 1998
Interviewed for the article that reporter Andrea Adelson wrote on the phenomenon on cheating in video and computer games. We were recognized as an authoritative source for information about the sub-culture of gamers that use cheat codes.
Acknowledged as top at The Mining Company Wired News
Mining Co Celebrates 1st Year, April 28, 1998
As part of a story covering the first anniversary of The Mining Company, reporter David Kushner acknowledged the our then partnership with the Video Game Strategies section as one of the top destinations on the service.
Recommended site The Mirror (UK)
Article October 16, 1998 (print version only)
The popular UK newspaper made the following recommendation in regards to our then partnership with The Mining Company, " and solutions to hundreds of different games. You can chat and share tips with other gamers worldwide."