Dragon Ball Z : The Legacy Of Goku 2 (Game Boy Advance)

GameShark and Pro Action Replay Codes

A GameShark or Pro Action Replay cartridge is required to use the codes featured below.

North American version

(M)aster codes:
F25C3036 38DB2117
880C06DC 229D02D6
Gohan has all Special Abilities:
655559FB EDAC241F
Gohan has Unlimited HP:
BC54CB7B 13D3DB07
Gohan has Max HP:
6A0583EF DF679231
Gohan has Unlimited EP:
F650EE65 DE2C78B8
Gohan has Max EP:
44395D78 E2285CD7
Gohan has Max STR:
5F529E10 AFEA1B75
Gohan has Max POW:
CC6079D8 BC354E20
Gohan has Max END:
8E59A3C1 5F457D75
Gohan has Max EXP:
74B12C25 3B824A55
Trunks has Unlimited HP:
27EBA574 65554F94
Trunks has Max HP:
3FD6804B 096DA068
Trunks has Unlimited EP:
Trunks has Max EP:
09FE9934 4555CC4A
Trunks has Max STR:
6AE891D4 3C21486C
Trunks has Max POW:
B965139D BBC60A09
Trunks has Max END:
3B085B67 3A45C85F
Trunks has Max EXP:
C7727BCD 79A43AFA
Piccolo has Unlimited HP:
7478EFD2 CCA08FE8
Piccolo has Max HP:
Piccolo has Unlimited EP:
6074D6E7 FACD9EF7
Piccolo has Max EP:
76AF73C6 D96401FB
Piccolo has Max STR:
3A547DE4 7972A153
Piccolo has Max POW:
475D638A C26EA0BE
Piccolo has Max END:
0B97EE86 3D0D9AB1
Piccolo Max EXP:
5B5DB03C E30801C1
Vegeta has Unlimited HP:
7D6D74A8 3ED2332C
Vegeta has Max HP:
7189DAB7 AFA02AB8
Vegeta has Unlimited EP:
CAA15AF6 3591F8FA
Vegeta has Max EP:
CE79555A 57D4C6E6
Vegeta has Max STR:
5F438695 682FA1ED
Vegeta has Max POW:
FCA64429 D6658454
Vegeta has Max END:
96921D88 77B820C1
Vegeta has Max EXP:
3D11E020 D9247CF4
Goku has Unlimited HP:
54CD0CF3 178C64A5
Goku has Max HP:
30F53985 22D0687F
Goku has Unlimited EP:
CECE81D9 A4FA5070
Goku has Max EP:
B8C2CA15 2D18F77A
Goku has Max STR:
9F0C201E 9D967611
Goku has Max POW:
12E39ECB 15F112A9
Goku has Max END:
3475E396 0B9BE201
Goku has Max EXP:
C1BD204B D921765C
99 STR Capsule +1:
7E151F59 E4EB9837
99 STR Capsule +3:
467BC8E4 BA70FF8E
99 STR Capsule +5:
C63A7DB4 6F70E87A
99 Power Capsule +1:
E3709A62 7BFF2C4B
99 Power Capsule +3:
42AAC3A4 B7E87552
99 Power Capsule +5:
2123DE2B EAEE81F9
99 END Capsule +1:
5791B832 BE94E043
99 END Capsule +3:
99FEDE3E 692AC4F2
99 END Capsule +5:
B443CA2E 36602C74
99 Senzu Bean:
All Nameks found:
FA3636AA B37EDD07
Talk to somebody or save the game while the GameShark is still in you Game Boy Advance.
Enable Goku (with all abilities):
01E8EB79 61171AF6
Talk to somebody or save the game while the GameShark is still in you Game Boy Advance.
All Golden Capsules:
B61676BA A6260F02
Use the code, save, then start again without the code.
Enable Hercule:
Hercule has Unlimited HP:
BD167514 8C8DF8F3
Hercule has Max HP:
A8FF36DC F31782D1
Hercule has Inf EP:
Hercule has Max EP:
Hercule has Max STR:
A2C852EA 09B0072D
Hercule has Max POW:
6447CB0E D7780159
Hercule has Max END:
Hercule has Max EXP:
All codes above from Gametalk via YammiBakura.
Official codes from Datel.

GameShark V2 Codes

A GameShark V2 is required to use the codes featured below. They are not compatible with the GameShark V1 or Code Breaker accessories.

North American version

Official codes from MadCatz.

Code Breaker Codes

A Code Breaker is required to use the codes featured below.

North American version

25 Golden Capsules (for Dr. Brief's quest):
330011E8 0019
STR Capsule +1:
330011D8 0063
STR Capsule +3:
330011DA 0063
STR Capsule +5:
330011DB 0063
Power Capsule +1:
330011DC 0063
Power Capsule +3:
330011DD 0063
Power Capsule +5:
330011DE 0063
END Capsule +1:
330011DF 0063
END Capsule +3:
330011E0 0063
END Capsule +5:
330011E1 0063
Senzu Bean:
330011D6 0003
330011E9 0001
Club Sandwich:
330011EA 0001
330011EB 0001
330011EC 0063
330011ED 0001
Scouter Note:
330011EE 0001
Scouter Part (1):
330011EF 0001
Scouter Part (2):
330011F0 0001
Apt. A Card:
330011F1 0001
Apt. B Card:
330011F2 0001
Dragon Ball 1:
330011F4 0001
Dragon Ball 2:
330011F5 0001
Dragon Ball 3:
330011F6 0001
Dragon Ball 4:
330011F7 0001
Dragon Ball 5:
330011F8 0001
Dragon Ball 6:
330011F9 0001
Dragon Ball 7:
330011FA 0001
Grandpa's Key:
330011FB 0001
Math Book:
330011FC 0001
330011FD 0001
City Key:
330011FE 0001
Blue Card:
330011FF 0001
Red Card:
33001200 0001
Autograph (Hercule):
33001201 0001
33001202 0003
33001203 0001
Dragon Radar:
33001204 0001
Gohan Max EXP (Lv. 50):
830010C8 E0FF
830010CA 05F5
Piccolo Max EXP (Lv. 50):
830010E4 E0FF
830010E6 05F5
Vegeta Max EXP (Lv. 50):
83001100 E0FF
83001102 05F5
Trunks Max EXP (Lv. 50):
8300111C E0FF
8300111E 05F5
Goku Max EXP (Lv. 50):
83001138 E0FF
8300113A 05F5
Hercule Max EXP (Lv. 50):
Gohan HP and Ki:
030010B8 FF
030010BC FF
Hercule HP and Ki:
03001148 03E7
03001144 03E7
Vegata HP and Ki:
030010F0 03E7
030010F4 03E7
Piccolo HP and Ki:
030010D8 03E7
030010D4 03E7
Trunks HP and Ki (might not work):
0300100C 03E7
03001110 03E7
Goku HP and Ki:
03001128 03E7
0300112C 03E7
All 7 Nameks found (to get to New Namek):
330011F3 0007
All codes above from scaline and Rodney Jones.
Codes from CMGSCCC.