Lufia: The Ruins Of Lore (Game Boy Advance)

GameShark and Pro Action Replay Codes

A GameShark or Pro Action Replay cartridge is required to use the codes featured below.

North American version

(M)aster code:
E3692E5E B1B3B047
D6026C92 6DAAF51F
Max Gold:
FE8A251C 716F9E5C
15 Egg Rings:
BC166D82 B17EE60D
99 Life Sources:
0818FACA 601DB699
1 Providence:
B8550180 0AB06401
99 Magic Sources:
9BBC034F 491C8122
99 Power Sources:
99 Speed Sources:
79F8B70E 8CB05747
99 Mind Sources:
695FB4E1 17C6A22D
99 Ex-Magic:
3258103C 8E63F298
99 Sacred Fruits:
745C4C46 509B2831
99 Sacred Fruits:
745C4C46 509B2831
99 Dark Fruits:
FE30ED57 EB86F833
99 Earth Fruits:
980F6A2C 68597919
99 Wind Fruits:
E429BD1C FB45A1E7
99 Flame Fruits:
728B1594 3EAB1B28
99 Aqua Fruits:
1BD3791E 06067B07
99 Iris Water:
14165690 82D7C33B
99 Rose Seeds:
51740DA1 1E42BC77
Octo Strike for Eldin:
9138857D 28C77880
15 Gaia Swords:
68F941BE 2894C67B
15 Lucina Armors:
0D794EB0 4A57DC41
15 Rune Rings:
30E64DA2 2E3FC66D
15 Advent Swords:
CBC98710 497A1E68
15 Kappa Spears:
6377AF0A 7FBB6C2A
15 Adamant Axes:
9A9ED879 161642BE
15 Ice Boomerangs:
0AC748F5 409E2AAB
15 Egg Swords:
46BD4007 4C34B085
15 Phoenix Staffs:
15 IceMaiden Blades:
15 Heavenly Whips:
20 Tail Rings:
724E5575 99D4EACF
20 Dark Tattoos:
A5A93D2A 6054A29E
20 Light Tattoos:
14C9770B 6B0A58A3
20 Water Charms:
3C9F27CD 310C1E90
20 Fire Charms:
35AA1635 86E91696
20 Earth Charms:
A9A209DE 073C7117
20 Wind Charms:
2FAB864E D27A409B
10 Erinite Dress:
C0681A2F 9B15E5AB
10 Wind Armor:
26D4B1C8 BF4CD995
10 Dark Armor:
487306CB 1F8244E8
20 Water Armor:
0B9D625F B99F1731
10 Earth Armor:
E3D335C9 DF79DF6B
10 Fire Armor:
10 Bright Armor:
8981D1D9 4A902265
2 Magic Scales:
5C51D732 BBB65A54
12 Wind Shields:
12160D66 7E59980A
12 Bright Shields:
766AA649 F536E5C7
12 Fire Shields:
4FEED43C 69026AA0
12 Water Shields:
F110886C F94CE432
12 Dark Shields:
AA56B649 8F031EF9
12 Poseidon Shields:
EFFE1B41 3A25F661
12 Mirror Shields:
90269860 F5843E8D
12 Divine Shields:
11 Spiked Helmets:
DF45D10A E52F85EA
11 Thornlets:
24E39165 B622ECA8
11 BeastKing Helmets:
69274234 F8545A93
11 Sea King Helmets:
CE586C20 AED5D8F1
11 Halos:
A3AD4757 9C6E62AC
11 Rainbow Veils:
9E06EE73 D3DB1A01
11 Holy Helmets:
B33F2BC7 9F8C48E1
11 Wedding Veils:
BA58E014 ACFB5040
All codes above from BurleyEd via shonsu.
15 Zircon Axes:
9E7F7A49 49C1302F
15 Zircon Swords:
D1468E3C 5670F458
15 Zircon Armor:
16D2808F 686B7B8D
15 Zircon Helmets:
CEC58021 E31C1BBA
15 Zircon Shields:
D49BF5A4 0F516A42
99 Source Aspirin:
3239E7D1 9D8636B3
99 Hi-Potions:
DA63EC56 F4060B14
99 Platinum Discs:
BC73A1E5 73DAB812
15 Inferno Swords:
EE288454 53D0099E
15 Flying Axes:
C503C472 BC686020
15 Sacred Swords:
B1FCF469 A18C02D6
15 Dragoon Armor:
46472441 6223BA2E
15 Spirit Armor:
A9CA7F27 9970A558
15 Apollo Shield:
E6FF2EBE B5042823
15 Pegasus Shoes:
262E859A F09F61F9
15 Witch Rings:
49769DEE 136EF433
15 Dragon Jewels:
15 Dragon Rings:
2D67BF39 279338CD
All codes above from shonsu.