Space Station: Silicon Valley (Nintendo 64)

GameShark and Pro Action Replay Codes

A GameShark or Pro Action Replay cartridge is required to use the codes featured below.

North American (NTSC) version

Official codes from InterAct.
Codes from The Game Shark Code Creator's Club.

European and Australian (PAL) versions

Only activate codes for the animals that are needed.
Unlimited Health EVO:
801DE085 0080
Mouse, Hyena health:
801DFB51 0080
Rocket Dog health:
801DEC01 0080
King Rat health:
801E19F1 0080
Spit Dog, Bear, King Pen, FB EVO health:
801DE459 0080
Fox, Pen, Husky, Tortoise Tank health:
801DFF25 0080
Bunny, Racing Turtle health:
801DF540 0004
Rocket Husky health:
801E1DC5 0080
Cool Cod health:
801E4039 0080
Elephant health:
801DE82D 0080
Lion, Camel health:
801E02F9 0080
Desert Fox health:
801E161D 0080
A. Desert Rat, Vulture, Box Kang health:
801DEFD5 0080
Power Mouse skill:
8030943A 0088
Rocket Dog skill:
803094DE 0008
Bear skill:
801DE5F0 0004
Power Pen, Husky, Fox, Tort Tank skill:
801E00BC 0004
King Rat skill:
803094E0 00FF
King Penguin skill:
801DE5EC 0004
Power Mouse skill B:
801DFCE4 0004
81202F7E 3F3F
81202F80 3F3F
81202F82 3F3F
81202F84 3F3F
81202F86 3F3F
81202F88 3F3F
80202F8A 003F
80202F8B 00FF
81202F8C FFFF
81202F8E FF03
Rocket Dog skill B:
801E3A24 0004
King Rat skill B:
801E1B84 0004