Harvest Moon: Back To Nature (PlayStation)

GameShark, Pro Action Replay, Xploder, and Xplorer Codes

A GameShark or Pro Action Replay cartridge is required to use the codes featured below.

North American (NTSC) version

Red Heart Popuri:
800786B4 FFFF
Orange Heart Popuri:
800786B4 C350
Yellow Heart Popuri:
800786B4 9C40
Green Heart Popuri:
800786B4 7530
Light Blue Popuri:
800786B4 4E20
Blue Heart Popuri:
800786B4 3A98
Black Heart Popuri:
800786B4 0001
Red Heart Elli:
80077298 FFFF
Orange Heart Elli:
80077298 C350
Yellow Heart Elli:
80077298 9C40
Green Heart Elli:
80077298 7530
Light Blue Elli:
80077298 4E20
Blue Heart Elli:
80077298 3A98
Black Heart Elli:
80077298 0001
Red Heart Karen:
800767A0 FFFF
Orange Heart Karen:
800767A0 C350
Yellow Heart Karen:
800767A0 9C40
Green Heart Karen:
800767A0 7530
Light Blue Karen:
800767A0 4E20
Blue Heart Karen:
800767A0 3A98
Black Heart Karen:
800767A0 0001
Red Heart Ann:
80076EF0 FFFF
Orange Heart Ann:
80076EF0 C350
Yellow Heart Ann:
80076EF0 9C40
Green Heart Ann:
80076EF0 7530
Light Blue Ann:
80076EF0 4E20
Blue Heart Ann:
80076EF0 3A98
Black Heart Ann:
80076EF0 0001
Red Heart Mary:
Orange Heart Mary:
80077BBC C530
Yellow Heart Mary:
80077BBC 9C40
Green Heart Mary:
80077BBC 7530
Light Blue Mary:
80077BBC 4E20
Blue Heart Mary:
80077BBC 3A98
Black Heart Mary:
80077BBC 0001
All codes above from Spoony Bard.
Official codes from InterAct.
Codes from The Game Shark Code Creator's Club.